Falcon Heavy

Anyone else watch today? Pretty cool stuff. 

Boosters successfully landing:

Tesla payload:

Here's the full stream:



  • Watched it. Loved it!
  • Damn. I didn't even though this was happening. Thanks for posting!!
  • The booster rockets self-landing is one of the coolest things that I've ever seen in my life.  Unfortunately, the core rocket didn't make it...only 1 of the 3 engines engaged and it hit the ground at 300 mph.
  • I’ve been reading up on space travel because of this launch re-sparking my interest and one of the coolest things I read was a theory that we could dismantle Mercury and use the planet to build a device that could somehow push our sun that would eventually speed up and move our entire solar system out of the Milky-Way and our solar system would become a this travelling system that could push us towards other galaxies that may have more life inhabiting worlds. I can’t remember the name of the project but apparently from a physics perspective it is plausible but would take miliions of years

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