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I found this Rain Johnson interview from 2012 that tries to explain some of the mechanic/mysteries of the movie.

One in particular reveals his thoughts behind the "closing your own loop" requirement:

6. Why is it essential for a looper to close his own loop? 
This is another one of those questions Johnson had answered in his head but didn’t put in the movie. In fact, he even conceived a scene with Abe addressing it but never shot it.
“People in the future, all they know about time travel is to be afraid of it. So they’re trying to keep it as tight as possible. So the initial reason they set it up this way was to keep the causality loop as tight as possible,” Johnson said. Because, for example, if someone else kills your older self and you have to exist with your own murderer for 30 years, what’s stopping you for murdering them or doing something to screw everything else up?  “Every bit of evidence is gone from that loop when you kill yourself,” he said.



  • Thanks - I really liked this movie, I watched it when it was available on TV years ago.  I should re-watch it as some of the details are fuzzy now.  It was different, and interesting, and well-made.   And I liked that though it did  not totally explain the consequences and paradoxes of time travel,  it did not just leave them totally unaddressed either or ignore them.    

    I didn't understand the reason it was so important for someone to close their own loop and since that is a big part of the movie it did kind of bother me.  It seemed like there was some big concept i was missing.    It is nice to know, after reading the quote you provided, it is not 100% necessary but just keeps things cleaner in the space-time continuum per the rules of the movie
  • Re watching this now so I can listen to the podcast tomorrow. Bruce Willis is amazing in this. When he has that moment when he breaks down after he kills the first kid. Wow! Why can’t he bring this to all his roles?
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