The Crossing, new TV show April 2 (Trailer)

What do you think? I am going to have to check this out, at least...   :) 


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    "From the network that brought you LOST" = "We haven't made a good tv show since 2004"
  • Reni said:
    "From the network that brought you LOST" = "We haven't made a good tv show since 2004"
    Haha Reni, I was kind of thinking the same, but at the same time: perhaps this is their new chance... who knows. :) I am def gonna have to check it out anyway, just to satisfy my curiousity.. 
  • @SandyWest79 Yeah, the show can be good (I'm into time travel stuff so might check it out myself) but that Lost reference if just plain ridiculous in my opinion and reeks of insecurity.
  • @Reni I might need a network TV time travel show to put the pieces of my brain back together after finishing up Dark.  :p
  • @hisdudeness915 I'm afraid Dark's season 2 might liquify my brain completely. Especially considering I'm gonna have to re-binge season 1 right before that in order to know what's going on.
    So yeah, all time travel shows are definitely not created equal!
  • Wow this looks really good. The world building looks good. The mood seems right. We will always be a puzzle piece behind. BUT that was the way LOST was until it collapsed under its own weight. ST: Discovery has shown that you can create questions AND answer them in quick measure. Their LOST reference makes me feel that they did not learn. That's scary.
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  • @blacksunrise7  I agree with your points, while I remain cautiously optimistic...  

    @akritenbrink   Great, then hopefully I will have someone to discuss the show with!  :)  
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