The Ritual

MoonMan13MoonMan13 Northern Kentucky
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This premiered on Netflix yesterday. I got a chance to check it out. Really pretty solid version of a familiar story - a bit like the Descent meets The Village meets The Witch maybe?  I was impressed with the design of all the horror elements. Anyone else get a chance to pick it up?


  • MoonMan13MoonMan13 Northern Kentucky
    edited February 11
    Oh and it features Thomas from Downton Abbey. Took me a long time of thinking who the hell is this guy to get it since he's not a smug jerk. Nor is he in a tuxedo in this film.
  • akritenbrinkakritenbrink Lynnwood, WA (Seattle area)
    My husband watched that and talked a lot about how the actor who plays Thomas played such a different character. He also mentioned that they changed some stuff from the book that sounded like they were trying to make more drama for the TV show.
  • MoonMan13MoonMan13 Northern Kentucky
    I'd be interested in hearing about the book. Especially how the 'creature' is described compared to the film. I've never seen anything quite like it. Certainly not disappointing like the Cloverfield monsters.
  • kuman07kuman07 Kansas City
    I liked it. It didn't break the mold on the horror genre or anything. We've seen this type of horror film before but I thought it was well executed and kept me on the edge of my seat.
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