Video Analysis: The Psychology of Kevin (Part One)

I stumbled upon a post on Reddit this morning from the creator of this video. I thought it was a really interesting deep dive into the psychology and mythology of Kevin's arc. Here's the link to the YouTube video and the link to the Reddit thread in case anyone wants to check it out. I think fans of The Leftovers will really enjoy it!


  • I love that people are still making fresh content about The Leftovers and this was a great analysis, but I wish the guy didn't sound like he's trying to put me to sleep. He needs to be a bit more energetic in his speech. It's really hard to focus on it this way imo.
  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    This was awesome. I watched part 1 and 2. Thanks for sharing.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    The Leftovers will always be one of my favorite series.  This was a good deep dive/analysis.  I agree about his voice though - it's very NPR-ish.

    Thanks for sharing this with us! :smile:
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