With some tweaks could Negan be the best leader for the post-apocalyptic world?

hear me out.

With some major tweaks to his system I think it’s quite possible Negan could be the best leader for this world. He has shown a very fair, just, rationale and reasonable leadership for the most part. Many times over the last season he has controlled himself and “acted like the bigger man”

1. I think the death penalty punishment in such a world is completely justifiable. If you kill or harm you get the bat or iron. Capital punishment maybe extreme in a completely civil world but that’s not the world they live in. Severe punishment in the apocalypse is something I think we would need to live with to maintain order and stability at least until civility could return. 

2. His 50% tribute/ resource system doesn’t work. That needs some major tweaking. But if he could move to a fair and just barter system between communities where each community shares their resources to the benefit of others and each community can sustain their population while providing excess goods in exchange for goods they need then that sounds like a pretty decent economic trade system not too different than what we have today. 

3. He has a decent system of leadership and council that discuss and enact engagement with other communities. Yea some changes to the council would need to be made for sure. But With the proper change from forced contribution to open barter and exchange it would work very well.

4. He has the manpower and idealeolgy to save people and has the resources to protect humanity from the walkers. If he worked together with the militias of the other communities they could be an extremely potent force to not only protect themselves from walkers but also outside bandits/gangs. 

Dont get me wrong. Current Negan is not a good person. But I think he has the right mindsight and initial building blocks to enact something greater for humanity. 

Rick on the other hand has fallen prey to his emotion more than reason. Sometimes with good reason. But there’s a reality where a few changes from Negan and he actually is the better leader for this world. As of last episode I would say Negan is definitely in a place to be more reasonable and Rick. 

Maybe I’m crazy. Thoughts?


  • emnofseattleemnofseattle Mason County, Washington USA
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    I mean this is just a smaller scale version of the argument “is a dictatorship better then an eglitarian democratic society? Answer, it depends. 

    I stopped watching this show before Negan showed up, so I can’t really answer specific to Negan, but it’s an extension of this same debate, is a dictator ever justified and to what degree 

  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    There is a method to Negans madness, but it’s still madness.

    As far as tweaks he seems sure of his method. 

    Just sayin but I’m tired of the leaders of the Saviors always having to put on some snarky monologue every time they deal with others. Can’t they just have a conversation where they don’t have to flail about. Can’t they just go in and say it like an adult. “We don’t like the way things are going. If you don’t shape up we are going to kill one of your people to make our point.” I think I would be more receptive to that. Just sayin.

  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
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    After last episode I’m starting to think Negan is better
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