• Season 2 is a mess IMO, but season 3 picked up in a big way. Having said that, I wouldn't ask Jim and A.Ron to power through it given all they've been through with TWD already. As with anything The Walking Dead-related, I'll be going in with no expectations so I'm not let down if it sucks, but this article has me more hopeful than I was before - I was worried the showrunner change would kill the momentum they built up with season 3.
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    What does that title even mean when TWD is hot trash? 

    I gave up on TWD about two years ago as well as FTWD after season 2. Heard nothing but good things about the third season so I gave it a shot. 
    I was extremely disappointed to find out it's pretty much the same thing. Lots of characters making idiotic decisions. Useless flashbacks. Groups splitting. And the ICONIC episodes dedicated to one character. 
    I hate dogging on this show. But I just wanna let people know, J&A specifically, that it's much of the same thing. 
    Sure it's better than previous seasons and TWD. But is that saying much? 
    The browns wents winless last season, would it be fair to say everyone should start watching browns games if they win 3 games this year?
    I don't think so.
  • @WonderedObject season 2 was a rough one. As it’s been said more than a few times (I think this thread title has come up 2-3 times now) season 3 turned things around for FTWD. Is it perfect?, heck no, but it was a major step up from where they left things in season 2.  

    While I understand your disappointment, can’t say I agree (there were for sure dog bad epsidoes in S3) overall it was an improvement and made me want to keep watching. 
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Drop both and cover a gonzo porno of the week. More plot, less filler.
  • lengmolengmo RTP, NC
    People who like the zombie genre and are disappointed with the quality of TWD the past few seasons should at least try FTWD season 2 and season 3.  Season two revolved around Nick's journey, season 3 around Alicia's.  Nothing wrong with single character episodes when they are based around these strong actors or Ruben Blades. 

    Instead of the Heapsters and Oceanside you got reasonable attempts at how some real cultures/subcultures would deal with the ZA.  You'll usually get 2-3 times more plot development/action in an episode of FTWD than TWD.  All of this on what has to be a smaller budget than TWD.

    I get that there's no love for Madison Clark but I don't get how that makes the show unwatchable while equal amounts of hate directed towards Rosita, Eugene, Tara, Carol, Dwight, Father Gabriel, etc. by various watchers doesn't completely ruin TWD for them.

    The first season of FTWD was oversold ("see how the ZA started in excruciating detail") but it was six whole episodes.  There are thirty-one more episodes of the show to try.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Given that Westworld and The Expanse are going to be airing at the same time as FTWD, I don't see us picking up Fear.  
    KingKobraAlkaid13Septa Nutella
  • Remember that there is going to be literal Morgalizing in Fear when Lennie James joins their cast.
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Jim and A.Ron are BARELY holding onto their Walking Dead coverage as it is, if you think they are going to reinvest in another zombie show in this universe, you crazy.
  • I'm sorry, but FTWD has yet to create a single character I give a shit about.  There is literally nobody they could kill off that I would be upset about.
  • Tom_ATom_A Carcosa
    edited March 2018

    seriously, with the amount of good shit that is out there right now, TWD as a franchise needs to be erased from the Bald Move catalogue unless they are going for a deliberate chucklehead joke podcast

    Septa Nutella
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