Wild Wild Country - Netflix Docuseries (2018)

I just finished binge watching this series over the course of a couple days and I found it incredibly interesting. Having been born in the 80's in California, I was shocked that I had never heard about the Rajneeshee movement and the fiasco that went down in Oregon. I'd love to get a discussion started with others in the Bald Move community who have seen this series. Would also love Jim and A.Ron's take as well, given their background with religion.

I highly recommend this series for anyone that is a fan of The Leftovers. There are some eerie similarities between the Guilty Remnant and the Rajneeshees. I think the series does a great job of just presenting these people as complicated and multi-dimensional with motives and emotional baggage that we can sympathize with. At the end of the day, the Rajneeshee leadership absolutely crossed the line in a lot ways, but I found myself sympathizing with people on both sides of the conflict.

In many ways, this is a microcosm of colonialism in modern America. It was so trippy to see the people in this small farming town feel like their land was becoming completely overrun by this liberal commune. Seemed like a bit of poetic justice with how Native Americans experienced colonialism at the hands of the pioneers only a century or two before.

Anyways, there's a lot to dissect here. This seemed like a great place to start the discussion!

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  • This is priority one viewing for the fellas, only 2 episodes in, so fascinating, very complex story 
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    i started it. its something.
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    Your take on this is really interesting. When I watched the trailer for it, my immediate impression was “Oh, so this is just ‘I’m White And Terrified Of Everything: Oregon Edition.’”
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    I just heard about it today I am going to try to watch it this weekend :)
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    Having recently moved to the Portland area, I learned about the Rajneeshees from a friend at work who had grown up in Oregon during that time. She mentioned sitting at a restaurant and seeing a bus drop of 20+ people dressed fully in red outside.

    I had watched another documentary about them made by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OBP) but this of course went into far more detail. I really enjoyed the interviews with the people who actually lived it and their perspectives. I really sympathized with Ma Anand Puja and her story. 

    For those interested in what it looks like now the Oregonian published an article that shows some picture of the abandoned buildings and the Young Life camp that took over some of the major buildings. http://www.oregonlive.com/expo/erry-2018/03/807e3a202a/what_happened_to_the_rajneeshe.html
  • Watched this weekend. Fascinating documentary. Would love to hear A.Ron & Jim talk about this.
  • I hope to get a BaldMove TV about this show. It seems like the filmmakers were able to track down every main player involved in the whole ordeal. This allowed them to be in depth and give perspective from every angle. This does not force you to take a side and I found myself feeling sympathy for pretty much everyone at one point or another. 


    Given my understanding of what a cult is I don't think I can call this a cult. No one was held against their will. No one was forced to do anything they didn't want to do (attempted murder aside). These people were encouraged to be themselves and live freely. They were encouraged to get an education. I don't think the leaders constantly lied and manipulated the people. All this suggests to me they weren't a "cult" but just a community with some non-traditional practices.

    I will say I wish I could've heard an entire speech given by The Bhagwan (aka Rajneesh ((aka Osho)). Every Rajneeshee went on and on about how he was this amazing teacher and speaker. Yes, I felt like I understood the man given all the second hand stories about him. I just wanted to hear the man speak for longer than about 2 minutes. I wanted to see if the show could possibly persuade me to become a Ragneeshee by letting The Bhagwan "preach" to me through the screen. That would have been fascinating. 

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