Any Utah Baldmovers?

Going on vacation to Utah and Arizona later this spring and when travelling I like to sample Local beers. So any bald movers from the area have any recommendations on beers that I absolutely need to seek out? Thanks


  • I’m in Utah.
    Buddy of mine makes dry ciders (not the sweet wine-cooler crap) that are worth a try. Mountain West Hard Cider is the company and Ruby is the most widely available cider. My favorites are Cottonwood which has hops and Desolation which has prickly-pear cactus in it. Ruby is great also and has kind of a champagne mouth-feel, also works with OJ for a mimosa-like drink.

    Epic is a local brewer and their Session IPA is a favorite if you can find it.
    Wasatch, Red Rock, and Squatters have quality beers and have brew pubs in the Salt Lake area.

    Also some good local whiskey (High West) and vodka (Five Wives) that are worth a try if you are in the mood for something stronger. 
  • Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll defiantly be on the look out when I’m there 
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    Moab Utah -  Eat at La Hacienda, I love the green chile chimichanga!  Also you have to hike around Arches and Canyonlands...also check out Dead Horse State Park, its in Westworld a lot, most people think it's the Grand Canyon when they see it on tv, probably because Joe Dirt filmed there on location and tried to pass it off as the Grand Canyon...I could talk all day about Norte AZ and southeastern Utah, most beautiful place on earth.  (One last thing if you have time, please take the time to visit the North Rim of GC, it's so quiet and peaceful because it's difficult to access)

    Peace and happiness on your travels!!!
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