Episode 605 - 'The Great Patriotic War'

Director: Thomas Schlamme

Writers: Hilary Bettis, Joseph Weisberg 


  • Never thought Phillip/Jim would do it.
  • I always knew the Kimmy storyline would not end well. Isn't part of the reason ARon quit The Americans because that plot was so uncomfortable? It's rough stuff.

    Goddamn the last 20 minutes or so I wasn't breathing, between Elizabeth killing Gennadi & Sofia (I was so afraid the kid was going to walk into the hallway) and then the "fight" scene with Philip & Paige. Fantastic stuff.
  • I thought the Kimmy plot was only there to show the difference between P and E.  At least Phillip waited until Kimmy was an adult.  He hates himself for having to do it.

    How would we react if in a subsequent episode, we learn that Elizabeth killed the child too?  Elizabeth is a cold blooded killer.

    Still anxious to find out how Renee fits into this.
  • What an episode!  It was long but didn’t feel like it. Americans proves again that it is up there with the best of tv when it is on its game.  

    Lots of developments - I wonder if Philip will defect to Stan and then Elizabeth be assigned to take him out?  Probably not likely to happen exactly like that but it seems like Philip is on a path to officially switching sides.  And poor Oleg. I am worried about him. Hope Elizabeth isn’t assigned him as a target after the report from the rezidentura. Props to the Tatiana actress for a great short scene with Oleg.  Oleg should have realized she was part of why he was interrogated. Tatiana  is a lot like Elizabeth I think. 

    Cant wait for next week though I think it is only going to get more intense. 
  • Definitely a very enjoyable episode.  To me, I was wondering more if Elizabeth was going to hear that there was a small child in the apartment and back off (deciding that the moment was no good).  Then I was wondering, after she killed Sofia (which she kind of had to) if she was going to encounter the child and what she would do.  Thankfully, everyone (audience included) did not have to encounter this.  I kind of wonder now if Stan is going to suspect that maybe he was followed and that's how the Russians found out where Gennadi & Sofia were hiding (my guess is probably not).

    As for Phillip, the Kimmy thing didn't bother me.  Maybe because it's been enough time away from her storyline that I don't feel as attached to it.  Or maybe because it is that Kimmy is more of an adult now.  Still didn't want to see Phillip sleep with her but obviously he really didn't want to do it and at the end is trying to protect her as much as possible.  Although, with Elizabeth's plan, they can still abduct Kimmy from Greece and essentially ransom her off without Phillip's participation.  Hopefully, we don't have to see this happen as well.

    Additionally, I had to laugh at the Paige vs. Phillip fight scene.  Hopefully Paige learned a valuable lesson there.  The dynamic as well watching Elizabeth try to train her is interesting.

    Lastly, Oleg and Tatiana's interaction was good.  I didn't pick up on it that she was just trying to get some info out of him until we saw her back at the residentura.  Fortunately, Oleg kept his cool and his wits.  Although, if they send that cable, I fear Oleg isn't going to survive this season.

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