Try a (new) game that I made

WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
edited May 2018 in Gaming
Okay, I made this game as part of a C# coding course I'm taking. More info on that here, in the forum thread for a game I made earlier in the course. 

This game is a shameless Plants Vs. Zombies clone. I haven't playtested or tweaked this one very much, as I'm anxious to get on to the next part of the course, but the programming concepts involved in this game are a bit more advanced than the concepts used in Laser Defender.

I don't have plans to develop this one any further, I'm basically just posting it to say "hey, look at this cool thing. I built it in Unity and did all the coding." Anyway, here it is, it might be fun, it might be boring. There is a bug where the volume goes to zero when it starts, so I recommend going to the options to adjust it before you start playing.
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