12 Monkeys Final Season starts June 15th

Teaser trailer is out. I am PUMPED for this final installment



11 episodes airing over 4 weeks. 1st 3 weeks will be 3 episodes each and the last week will be the 2 part finale


  • Excellent final season of this show. While I’m sad more people didn’t watch, I’m glad they got to end it for the most part on their terms. Messing with time isn’t easy to keep straight, but damn if this show didn’t do a near perfect job. 
  • just finished it myself. Terry Matalas did an outstanding job connecting pieces throughout the entire series. I very much enjoyed the ending.

    I'm about to listen to 12 Monkeys Uncaged with Terry as a guest talking about the finale and sort of the series as a whole(I think). He did a podcast with them for each batch of episodes every Friday. It was nice hearing his thought process early on in the series for the twists and turns that would come about. He said he knew the end game of certain "cycles" for characters back in the 1st season which seems crazy to think about now after it's all over. He put a great deal of thought into this series and it paid off beautifully. 
  • Thanks for the heads up on the podcast l haven’t listened to any for this show. 
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