First Bald Move Podcast

My first Bald Move experience was 

Breaking Good - 500 - "Season Five Preview/Predictions" in July of 2012!!  (Can't believe its been that long)

I was driving home for 2 hours and decided to find a podcast to help recap the previous season to get me ready for the last season.


  • Season 2 episode 1 game of thrones cast with Mad Brew. It was actually my very first podcast ever.

    I typed in Game of Thrones in the iPhone podcast app and liked their icon so that's the one I picked. I think that was 2012 but I'm not sure.
  • Game of Thrones Season 4 preview cast.
  • Night's Watch episode 3.4. My cousin played it for me one night, and now I'm way more into baldmove than he is.
  • edited March 2015
    Watching Dead episode 3, season 3. I was looking for some good TWD podcasts and came across these guys. I found them funny and insightful so they stuck.

    I'll never forget feeling the urgent need to start binging Mad Men after hearing A. Ron describe it on a WD episode as basically "Don Draper sitting in his office drinking whiskey". I was like, "I have to watch this now!" Those two have been influencing my TV tastes ever since.
  • Can't remember. I think it was Breaking Good 4x01. 
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    During BrBa's "Final Season" I asked someone for some podcasts covering the final season (I was still pretty new to podcats) and Watching Bad was one of her suggestions. By the time TWD's Season 4B started I went looking for a podcast covering that, found my way back to Bald Move, continued on with GoT, The Leftovers, True Blood, etc, and here I am.
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