Ultimate zombie team

Years back the bald move crew did a ultimate zombie team draft where they choose their ultimate group of badasses to survive the zombie apocalypse with. So I'm asking the community to do something similar. Humans only. No superheroes, aliens and they can only carry their unique items they are known for. Team of 5 and to make it interesting no walking dead characters since we would all choose daryl and Michonne.

Here is my 5.

1. Rambo: survivalist and super badass
2. Sarah Conner: survivialist and femal super badass for future reproduction
3. Macguver: Swiss army knife
4. BA Baracus: mechanic and engineer and also a special forces bad ass
5. Benjamin Franklin Pierce: medic, moral centre and generally good guy
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  • Haha. I could get down on some Omar.
  • John_NadaJohn_Nada California
    I have to put in the following and no I didn't pick "Walking Dead" characters but I still chose a zombie fighter...or two!

    1. Ash
    2 - 3. The Gecko brothers
    4. Aaron Cross viraled off meds. I'll understand if I get a ding for this maybe but he is human.
    5. Tallahassee
  • John_NadaJohn_Nada California
    Best scenario is all my characters are battle tested. Each with unique skills and 4 of them have fought the undead. Aaron has unique survival skills and can adapt quickly to most situations.

    My major drawback would be ego related. With so many chiefs and no Indians the situation would be extremely bad so that they realize they must work together to stay alive. They have worked with others in the past based on survival so that would be the key.
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    1- Jack Bauer: badass;
    2- John McLean: badass;
    3&4- Adam and Jamie: myth busters;
    5- Juliette Burke: doctor/female.
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA
    How about Tony Stark. I assume he would have some sort of running power source even in the apocalypse. Iron Man could go anywhere without any worries.
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    I'd rather bring together a bunch of misfits with a badass with a conscience that cannot allow them to get killed. So my dream team might be:

    Dickie Benet and Dewie Crowe from Justied. Dickie tries to escape the zombies by using Dewie as bait and Dewie has no brains so the zombies don't eat him.

    Hannah Horvath from Girls. She just whines her way, annoying everyone.

    Bronn from Game of Thrones. Mostly spends his time trying to kill all the above.

    Brienne from GOT. Mostly spends her time stopping Bronn from killing the others as well as taking out zombies.

  • TravisTravis CA
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    I may amend this, trying to come at it without too much thought:

    1. Seeley Booth (Bones) - One of the most acclaimed snipers in the world, with military survival skills for life in the wild. Investigative skills/people reading skills are definitely a bonus. Also, there was an episode where he showed a great knife throwing ability which I believe you can translate to a solid knowledge of using a knife in general. Plus, the dude knows how to crack a joke from time to time. Also, leadership skills and a good moral compass.

    2. Sarah Lance (Arrow) - League of Assassin training and proficiency in lots of weapons as well as hand to hand combat. Her story shows an ability to survive and overcome mentally some pretty f'd up circumstances. Over time she developed a solid ability to work within a team that would actually formulate and execute a plan once in a blue moon.

    3. Oliver Queen (Arrow) - Is it overkill to take two characters from Arrow? Probably, but when you're looking for great fighters and survivors who are not technically supernatural it's a really good place to look. He survived for at least 2 years on an island, he's basically an even more proficient version of Daryl with a bow and arrow (vs. crossbow of course), and though not as good with blades as he is with a bow, he is pretty damned good. He's a ridiculously good hand to hand fighter as well. I'm pretty sure he has at least a limited knowledge as an electrician. He set up some sort of infrastructure in his sort of basement command center (which basically started out as a condemned building) before Felicity came in and made it much, much better.

    4. Jack Shephard (Lost) - Maybe he's not the biggest badass, but you will want a doctor and he has shown bravery and he has done alright in a fight or two, and he has survived on an island. Basically, the doctor role seems to be kind of slim pickings and he is the best I could think of. Plus, he's specifically a surgeon which never hurts.

    5. Tony Stark (Iron Man) - It is kind of my belief that given the nature of the exercise the Iron Man suit is kind of cheating and I would not allow him to have it. That said, he has to be able to fight on his own at least a little, and learn to fight even better. The most important thing for him though is that I want my people to be able to start a settlement at some point and in order to do that as effectively as possible they're going to need someone with massive tech and engineering skills. He's going to be the infrastructure guy. Plus, along the way he can also raid a Best Buy and/or a Home Depot, etc. and make you some crazy gadgets to assist/protect the group along the way.

    EDIT: I swapped Oliver Queen from Arrow in and Chow Yun Fat's character from the Replacement Killers out because in essence what CYF does with pistols Queen does with a bow, only he is also much, much more versatile.

    EDIT: Also for Tony Stark, the importance of the ability to repair cars cannot be under-emphasized, and if I remember correctly it is one of his favorite hobbies.

  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    @Travis - I was going to pick Jack over Juliette for my doctor choice, but a)wanted a girl to help repopulate and b) she's a little more conniving (sp?) than Jack. Plus she was a research type doctor - albeit for reproductive stuff - but maybe that could come in handy in figuring out a zombie virus.
  • Yea. I think Iron Man would be the best choice given the suit and weapons would make it almost invincible. So I left him off but I can see why he makes a great choice.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
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    I draft Ellen Ripley because she can't be killed and put her in charge for a change. She knows her way around assault rifles and flame throwers and can work mid-range. Not afraid to get her hands dirty either.

    Next we need a melee and small arms specialist to kick ass up front. Step on up Daniel Craig's Bond. He will also double as our designated marksman when we're not in close combat with the undead.

    A medic is not a bad idea. I'm sure Kumar from Harold and Kumar will tag along if we promise to stop for burgers. Apart from being a naturally gifted surgeon he's also pretty funny, has a good heart and has godlike luck.

    Our driver will be Driver from the Ryan Gosling film Drive. He will get us where we need to go swiftly but deliberately and safely. He also knows how to crack some skulls and protect others. He's a man of few words but he steps up when he has to.

    Last but not least: Our uncompromising moral compass in face of Armageddon and general tough as nails badass Rorschach from Watchmen. Man of many talents, knows how to improvise to get out of sticky situations. He's low maintenance, just sustains himself on beans that we won't even have to heat up. As long as we don't force him to compromise on his ideals he will serve our team well!
  • TravisTravis CA
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    Hatorian said:

    Yea. I think Iron Man would be the best choice given the suit and weapons would make it almost invincible. So I left him off but I can see why he makes a great choice.

    I agree that the suit is too powerful and I don't think he should be allowed to have it. I still chose him because I think even as simply Tony Stark the crazy electronics genius who must know how to fight at least somewhat, he still has a ton of value.
  • Kumar haha. With all the free weed in the world dude would be totally incapacitated throughout the entire apocalypse. I do like Ellen Ripley. It was a toss up between her and Sarah Connor for me. 
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA
    Travis said:

    Hatorian said:

    Yea. I think Iron Man would be the best choice given the suit and weapons would make it almost invincible. So I left him off but I can see why he makes a great choice.

    I agree that the suit is too powerful and I don't think he should be allowed to have it. I still chose him because I think even as simply Tony Stark the crazy electronics genius who must know how to fight at least somewhat, he still has a ton of value.
    Agreed. Having just Tony at somewhere like the Alexandria safe zone would be huge. He would get that place back to almost pre apocalypse I bet. He would also fix this "cold rolled steel" bullshit lol.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    @Hatorian Nah the dude can hold his shit. If he can't we'll fire him and get Dr. Algernop Krieger to replace him.
  • I think you have to rule out human superheroes as well, otherwise I take Batman, good Lex Luthor from the mirror universe, and some Batman expys to be named later.

    Assuming not:

    1. Sherlock. (Prefer Downey but would accept Cumberbatch)

    2. Kathy Mallory (Sort of a female Sherlock/Bruce Wayne type)

    3. MacGuyver

    4. The Professor from Gilligan's Island

  • Sherlock is an interesting choice. I get the smarts but what does he bring to the table besides his intuition?
  • Arctor

    I see you're from the Netherlands. So you obviously have an expertise on this matter. But I think you overestimate the pot smoking ability of normal human beings outside of Amsterdam. Haha. I've been to Amsterdam and so has Kumar. But I'm still not sold he would be able to be productive when needed. Haha
  • Hatorian said:

    Sherlock is an interesting choice. I get the smarts but what does he bring to the table besides his intuition?

    Downey and Cumberbatch are both playing him as a socially awkward, mask-less Batman,
    I.e., hyper prepared, master martial artist, expert in dozens of fields, iron will, etc.
  • 1. Mad Max Rockatansky - Max is a genuine badass of a survivor. He knows how to skillfully use firearms and also knows how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where bullets have become rare. In addition, he knows how to live in a desert without water and can sustain himself on canned dog food alone.

    2. Special Agent Dale Cooper - Have you seen that Twin Peaks episode where all the officers go to the firing range? This man can certainly handle a firearm with ease and can conserve ammo with plenty of one-time headshots. As an FBI agent, he'll also have access to a lot of government information, secrets and locations that could be very useful.

    3. Sandor "The Hound" Clegane - He has also proven he can spend long periods of time in the wild and is more than handy with a sword. I don't consider him a straight villain, because he has some qualities that make me empathetic towards him. That's my loophole through A. Ron's no villain rule and I'm sticking to it.

    4. Hawkeye - No actual superpowers from this comic book hero, just possesses an uncanny skill for archery. His accuracy and quickness with the bow cannot be overestimated. He would be an asset to any zombie slaying team.

    5. Private Vasquez - One of the badder badass marines from Aliens, Vasquez knows her way around a variety of firearms - from hand guns to the legendary M41A Pulse Rifle. And when the shit hits the fan, instead of just letting zombies eat her alive, she's willing to hold a grenade and take a few ghouls out with her.
  • Mad Max! Nice! Didn't even cross my mind. The hound is also a solid choice. Vasquez is cool but that gun ain't very appropriate for the zombie apoc. Too unwieldy and heavy.
  • Personally I'd prefer Hudson. You always need a straight coward who continually screams "GAME OVER MAN!" Haha
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    Pretty solid team there. Vasquez is a smartgunner specialist though (machine gunner) so you want to get her something like an M249 or an M240 and put her on the flank as base of fire to cover movements.
  • @Arctor @Hatorian Thanks guys. Some very solid points. I was actually considering Hudson. All his goofy one-liners would provide the team with plenty of laughs in between zombie-slaying battles.
  • trippy said:

    . The Professor from Gilligan's Island

    BEst choice ever.  Easily the smartest character ever invented.
    That is a great choice. If we could have a roster of 10, I would have picked a couple of these civilization-rebuilder type of people that Jim mentioned on Blue Yonder.
  • I have one pick left - is Xena Warrior Princess allowable? Because then Xena.
  • @Original_Joseph I don't see why Xena wouldn't be eligible. Good choice!
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