Jurassic Park T-Rex

I don't believe this, but I've been thinking about it since sixth grade, so here you go:

My head cannon is that the T-Rex (which is the same Rex in every movie) is actually a good guy.

In the first movie, yes she did kill Genaro, but that was because Genaro ran away and abandoned the kids.  The Rex was then trying to rescue the kids and was dreadfully misunderstood, the more she tried to help, the worse the situation got.  Eventually she tried to grab Malcolm to get him to help the children, but accidentally injured Malcolm's leg.  She tried to apologize, but the group fled in the jeep.  The children ran away from poor Rex with Grant, but she tracks them through the park trying to make sure they come to no harm.  This culminates in her rescuing them from the Raptors in the Visitor Center.  She defeats the evil Raptors, and then roars goodbye as they evacuate by helicopter.

I had her side of the story for every movie, but the last one is the only one where her inner cooperative goodness was really able to shine.  I like to think that when the lady with the heels get Rex to rescue Pratt, she was like "FINALLY!  You guys see I'm a good guy!"

Dunno why I felt compelled to share this, but I thought someone on here might get a kick out of it.


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    I’m in the same boat- TRex is totally the hero. Jurassic Park 3 had me trippin when the Spinasaurus King-Konged him 
  • I remember being ticked off they tried to make Rex second fiddle!
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