What is the release date of Rick and Morty Season 4? How many episodes?

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I am a huge fan of Rick and Morty cartoon series and I am waiting for its next season. However, I don't know how many days are left. Similarly, I am also looking to know about its release date. Do you guys have any idea? I have just tedious off watching last season again and again.

Are you also a fan of Rick and Morty Tv show? Do you know many episodes of 4th season consist of?


  • No one knows for sure, all speculation says it will take a “really long time.” We know they are doing at least 70 more episodes but we’re not sure how they plan on breaking them up per season yet.

    I’m with you though! Bring it on I’m ready for some fresh episodes!
  • According to Justin Roiland, more than 31 episodes had been used for the third season but we are hoping for the best. 
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    They just started writing again this week. I'd say we'll get season four Feb-Mar of next year, and it will be ten episodes. That's if they fixed their writing procedural issues like they said they have from last season. If not, god help us all.

    If you're jonesing for a fix, I highly recommend the bluray for season three. I though the season two collection was pretty light on special features, but this one is gold. Tons of commentaries, many episodes having multiple tracks, tons of behind the scenes stuff, animatics for ALL episodes, it's really funny and interesting...
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