so i started the expanse based of jim and arons praise. im on season 2 epi 3. isn't the acting on this comical? are sci fi fans just looking past this? chrisjen is a joke to watch,  and the the weird rasta accents are hard to take seriously. its not inline with the calibre of the bald move line up innit?


  • It’s a patois and much closer to what you’d find down south not Jamaica who have their own patois. If you have a problem with different dialects this show for sure isn’t for you ;) in the end many folks like the show , but it will not be for everyone. If it’s not your cup of tea, best to just move on (IMO). 
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    Chrisjen is an acquired taste, but she really comes into her own mid-way through season 2. I think in general the acting on the show gets better from season one to season two, and makes another big jump from season 2 to season 3.

    I loved the Belter creole. The actors aren't very consistent across the board with it, but I chaulk it up to growing up in different stations / asteroids / moons. I just think the idea of a language that's evolved under the unique cultural exchange and stress of the belt is so cool that I'll forgive flaws in execution.

    I think in general it's a well written and run show, which is why it keeps getting better. The cast is getting better through repetition. I think Alex and Amos and Naomi were always standouts, but Holden is so much better the further you get into the seasons.
  • I've seen worse acting, on some of the shows bald move covers.  It's certainly not bad enough to outweigh the compelling storytelling, action, and suspense, but of course that's an opinion.
  • yeah ok ill stick with it just because i do"t like quitting shows once ive started with he exception of a one (wink). also for me its a turn your brain off show for the weekdays,not a sunday 3-4 podcast show .
  • I think the actors who play James Holden and Naomi are bad, but nobody else has bothered me. I find it impossible to believe Holden as the captain of Rocinante. Naomi always seems like she is reading from a script, and her Belter accent is all over the place.
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  • Freddy said:

    All sounds the same to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ;) 
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    I don't think they've ever tried to give Naomi a Belter accent until she went to hang with the belters, which is a pretty human thing to do.

    I think the show makes an effort to show that even while there are dialects and cultures, there's a huge mix of influences and even genetics. Naomi Nagata, Jules Pierre Mao. Melba's supervisor who she killed is named Ren Hazuki, which isn't the name I'd have guessed for him. Bobbi speaks with a Kiwi accent, Naomi has some kind of UK accent. Not too hard to come up with some head canon for that, as Aron alluded to.

    I do find that accents have to be really uneven for me to be bothered by them. I've heard people say certain UK actors have terrible American accents, and I'd never given it a thought until then.

  • I don’t know why, but I read the title of this article in Calculon’s voice:

    Deeken hale
  • I used to watch the show not expecting acting greatness, but I think progressively the main cast came into their own.

    I wasn't that warm to Holden & Amos but this season they're really great & that's in good part due to the actors I think. Having starting to read the books, I think both actors are spot on with the characters.
  • The acting has def. been a limitation of the show's scale/budget (meaning they didn't cast A-list stars), but it has gotten consistently better. It's not of The Americans quality, but it definitely doesn't jump out at me as bad. You can tell they've tried to up their game by getting great guest stars. 
  • yeah ok ill stick with it just because i do"t like quitting shows once ive started with he exception of a one (wink). also for me its a turn your brain off show for the weekdays,not a sunday 3-4 podcast show .
    Sunday 3 to 4? 
  • yeah GOT westworld etc i listen to about 3-4 podcasts during the week not just bald move
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