Lirik Style "Sub Sunday" Suggestion

Hi All - I've been listening to baldmove forever and finally decided I needed to buy a membership to support! Anyways, I love watching Twitch streamers and it's a big part of the content I consume. One of my favorite things is Lirik's sub sunday's. Every sunday his community votes on 5-6 games and he plays them for about 1 hour. He sets up parameters on what hardware he uses (games must be on steam/ps4 or nintendo) and what games he absolutely won't play (FIFA, GTAV etc.). It's something my wife and I leave playing on the TV every Sunday (like people have football on) and I think it could work really well with Jim and A-Ron trying to get the twitch stream going. 

It's a great "testbed" for what games are fun to play on stream. If Lirik is enjoying the game and the chat is enjoying the game then he will play it for a full stream later on and if he doesn't like it he'll quit after 30 minutes and move on to the "Next Game" - which has become a funny catchphrase for the Sub Sunday streams. 

Here's a VOD of the most recent one. The only barrier I see is that for Lirik with 20-30k people watching its not a big deal to buy all the games for sub sunday so it might be not worth it for Baldmove. The key component is you have to be a "sub" ($5/mo) to vote. Maybe if they did it once per month or just gave it a one time try and hyped it up. Most of the games are $15-30 steam games so it's not as expensive as buying 5 $60 games.

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