[OFFICIAL] Episode 507 "Crossed"

A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
Written by: Seth Hoffman
Directed by: Billy Gierhart


  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    Hey A.Ron I just googled these guys and I think you may have mixed up the writer and the director. Hoffman has all the IMDB credits as a writer and Gierhart has the creds as a director.

    Excited for this episode, hope we finally see Rick and the rest of the group and they kick some Slab ass.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Heh, I'll fix it. Man, when they were scrapping that church I thought we were going to get an A-Team episode and see them armor that box truck up! Alas.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I am not confident in the group's SWAP a SWAT plan.
  • I think this is akin to a filibuster.
  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    I'd be keeping an eye on Eugune, cus ya know, he could die and turn into a zombie........
  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    ok Gabriel taking literally ONE STEP alone outside of his church and he steps on a nail. LOL
  • I like the title with multi-meanings (a la Breaking Bad). Sasha is "crossed" about Bob dying, the preacher gets "crossed" with a nail in the foot as well as the literal cross on the zombie's neck, and finally, the double-cross that was painfully obvious to happen with the hostage cops.
  • This is one of those episodes that would be better if Ep 1 hadn't been so incredible, and wouldn't seem all that bad if Ep 5 hadn't been so terrible. Actually...the entire show would feel better if they would just consistently deliver on any level.
  • So... I'd like to posit a question: What if Beth and Carol were to both die either during the mid season finale or in the second half of the season?
  • broompersonbroomperson the Iron Islands
    I'm fine with that i guess. I don't even give half a shit about Beth and Carol seems to be on her way out no matter what happens with this upcoming battle at the hospital @gan
  • Gan said:

    So... I'd like to posit a question: What if Beth and Carol were to both die either during the mid season finale or in the second half of the season?

    That would stir things up a little. At this point in the show it is not looking good for Carol just based on her condition. Beth is a character in my opinion could have been written a little better but what do I know? The previous writers have screwed up female characters before i.e. Lori and Andrea, who were written to a point of being not redeemable. With Beth there just is not much connection but I have heard different for some viewers. Carol on the other hand has developed quite well as a character. Melissa McBride is an great actress and I enjoy watching her.

    Who know's what they have going on but it would shock me if both of them went. Would I take the show more seriously?? Maybe although I am not watching the show just for one character so it would make more of a statement about the confidence of the writing and the show direction more than anything I think.

    Hell Z Nation did some crazy things with characters.
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    I'm beginning to think that neither will die and will instead stay at Grady. Beth, in more of a leadership role, while Carol recuperates. At minimum, I do not see Carol flatlining. She is a Day 1 character, and that would be a horrible way to kill her off.

    I think this would be a refreshing twist to Rick's group destroying every other group they cross paths with, but I have to rewatch the episode and give it some more thought.
  • My wife and I are finishing up re-watching 5a leading up to the new ones and this one came up last night, and it is still excruciating watching Lampson get the drop on Sasha (the whole "please shoot my now zombie-fied old friend" distraction thing). It is so ridiculous that they would give so little respect to that character/the audience to buy that situation would actually play out like that. It was such a good episode that was tainted by that moment. Completely ridiculous.
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