How Long Will We Be Waiting For Season 4?

This thing happens to me as I near the end of a season of a favorite show...I get anxious and moody - What will I do when it ends? The Expanse episodes and Bald Move recap podcasts keep me sane....Anybody have any idea when season 4 will hit Amazon?  FYI - No way I'm going to binge watch it...I need it to last. Like sex and pecan pie a la mode.


  • Probably at least a year from when it began. 
  • I hope it's only a year - Kills me when shows take more than that....
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    DrCynPiz said:
    Anybody have any idea when season 4 will hit Amazon? 
    I haven't seen anything official but in the SyFy podcast that has the show runners on it they said last week that they were getting back to work within the next few weeks. I think they meant the writing. I would guess that if it doesn't come out the same time next year it would only be a few months late.

    Kowlting gonya gut (Everything is going to be OK)

    EDIT: And then a few hours after I post this Bladmove retweets The Expanse writing room back at work today
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