Xursday delimma - Destiny

So today's one of the best Xursday in recent memory.  I just finished the bad juju bounty this week, so getting Obsidian Mind (with fairly insane stat rolls) was a no brainer.  I now have 26 strange coins left.  I could get Ruin Wings, or I could get MIDA Multitool.  Which would you get?  I just started a titan and am kind of liking it, it's my second favorite class after Warlock at the moment.  I guess I could get RW and the Symbiote helmet, which would make my son happy when he finds out.  But the rolls on the helmet are kind of garbage.

What would you guys do?  Oh, I also spent all my motes to take a chance on the exotic gloves engram, and got the Claws.


  • Personally, I prefer the Armentarium chest piece for my Titan for the extra grenade, but I've never tried Ruin Wings.  I guess it's really useful when fighting Crota, though.  I'm also not a big scout rifle guy and have never used MIDA multitool.  A lot of people like it though, and it makes you pretty quick, which is good for the very first part of Crota's End.  I don't know if that helps your decision, but that's about all I know.
  • And Bad Juju is also really good in the first part of the Crota Raid, so there's that.  
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