Lucas’ sequels would have been about midichlorians

chriskchrisk Indianapolis
On the plus side, I think the fandom would have been much more unified in hating this.


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    For some reason Tweets don’t always load inline for me on this forum. I’ll try to post the pics. 

    Can’t get them to load or get a link to work. Ugh. 

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    Because microbiology is what everyone thinks of when they think Star Wars, come on George. 
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    Anyway, Whills. I’m 80% sure they’d have been cute. 
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    Jeez, thanks for ruining Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy.
  • MattyWeavesMattyWeaves Mid-State New York
    "... But at least the whole story from beginning to end would be told."

    This is why no one trusted him with telling an actual story. Beginning of what story to what end?

    The story starts with Anakin in a slave village, and finishes with the third Matrix movie?

    I can see it now, Benjamin Anakin Skywalker walks into the chamber room on Death Star 5.2. It's filled with god like creatures, white beards included, and they tell him they are the real masters of the universe while showing him his history in crackling hologram form.

    But he's the one and sacrifices himself, ending the Skywalker name and any hope of passing on the midichlorians.

    Then after the credits some little kid pulls a broom over from three inches away. Was it the force? No, it was a breeze.
  • Alkaid13Alkaid13 Georgia
    Yeah like whatever quibbles I might sometimes have with Disney Star Wars, I’m confident that it’s waaaaaaay better than whatever this would have been. 
  • The title of this thread made me think we were talking about this:
  • JoshuaHeterJoshuaHeter Omaha, NE
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    He's said many completely incompatible things about a sequel trilogy over the past 35 or so years.

    I think the "midichlorian trilogy" movies would've  been the trilogy we would have gotten only if he'd started working on 7, 8, and 9 on the particular day he'd been thinking about this story idea.
  • JoshuaHeterJoshuaHeter Omaha, NE
    At any rate, everyone stop what you are doing and listen to my very important idea about what 7, 8, and 9 should have been.

    The Empire was (at least in part) inspired by the Nazis. They were (in some sense) Nazis in space, right? Let's assume we can all agree on that. At the end of ROTJ, the space Nazis were largely defeated. With that in mind, the original trilogy should be thought of as a sort of space WWII. So, the sequel trilogy should have mirrored the 2nd half of the 20th century.

    After ROTJ, the galaxy is split in two. One half is ruled by the remnants of the Rebellion in a new republic of sorts (i.e. like the U.S. and Western Europe). The other half is ruled by a sort of U.S.S.R. in space org. 

    There is a Cold War... in space. There are so many things they could have done with this. Perhaps both sides have Death Star Tech... but it hasn't been used since the Empire. Also, there are a ton of spy stories... in space... they could tell. Also... they could have former rebels tracking down former Empire officers in the same way (real) Nazis were tracked down in South America. There are undoubtedly a ton more ideas from the cold war era to draw upon, right?

    At the climax of the sequel trilogy a space David Hasselhoff could help bring down he space Berlin Wall and man... what an amazing climax to the final trilogy. Okay... maybe this last idea isn't the best, but whatever. 
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    Any idea would have been better than basically making the good guys the underdog Rebels again. Episodes 1-3 the republic was the supreme power, episodes 4-6 it was the empire. Episodes 7-9 should have been a total struggle between an upstart New Republic, remenants still loyal to the Empire and maybe a third power trying to take advantage of the chaos Operation Cinder caused. 
  • Thank the Maker he sold the company...sheesh.
  • I actually think three movies about bio-chemistry or science in general would have been hilarious.

    Jedi knights gathered around microscopes, passing around petri dishes, occasionally using the force.

    Yoda:  "Sanitize the beakers, you must.  Clean, they must be."
    Obi Wan Kanobi: "Use the force meter Luke!  To measure the tension strength of that spring!"

    And the whole thing is brilliantly scored by Williams.  So well that sometimes you actually feel tension and dread when someone is carrying something to the centrifuge.

    I wonder how many people would have waited in line for three days outside to buy the tickets, and how many people would cosplay Bunsen burners.

    If someone went to a con dressed as a midi-chlorian, I think it would be one of the portents of the apocalypse.
  • I would have been down for some more stories about The Whills. They were intriguing in the Yoda force ghost training arc in the final season of Clone Wars.

    Not sure how you would make a trilogy out of that but I would've been down for some more GL stories.
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