Detroit Become Human (Garbage) Post-mortem

Now that the BM Twitch stream is done, overall thoughts on it?

For myself, maybe its been that I've been too busy with moving, but I haven't gotten more than a few hours into it, and have preferred to play Dark Souls Remaster / Heroes of the Storm with my gaming time.

What do you think?

Also, Yahtzees thoughts on it:



  • Can we get a new weekly feature that's just Aron pretending to play the piano with a dualshock controller? That was my favorite part.
  • DoubleA_RonDoubleA_Ron San Diego
    edited June 17
    I’m on the third part of this series and it’s really goddamn funny... I love BM playthroughs so much.  Such a shame it isn’t gonna make it to YouTube   :'(

    Edit: Can we please get a “Detroit: Become Canadian” BM shirt?
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