House of Cards 313 - Chapter 39 postponed

Hey everybody, as you've probably noticed, Jim's been sick all week.  He can't get it up for our final podcast today. We'll have it out Monday instead.


  • Get well soon, Jim!
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    @trippy This did however end his career and nearly crippled him for life as I understand it.

    "Later, when asked whether he would do what he did again, he replied frankly, "No, I would not.""

    We want Jim to keep podcasting so we'll just put up with these postponements ;)

    Feel better soon Jim!
  • I would have dragged the mic over to Jim's bed and forced him to podcast! You have to assert dominance A.ron!
  • Jim....get well soon!image
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    That likeness is uncanny.
  • edited March 2015
    Yeah yeah so he dies and turns into a zombie, that's no excuse for not podcasting. You can just keep him chained up in the shed out back and bring him in for recordings like some sort of zombie podcast gimp.

  • Feeling much better today.  Ironically, I sounds worse but we'll be back to form tonight.  Thanks for all the memes, everyone.
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