Civ6 diplomacy style

Hey all. Myself and friend of the network "Levi" have been playing Sid Meyer's Civilization 6: Rise and Fall quite a bit. We kicked around the idea of getting some BM fans in the mix and playing a game with no AI, all fans. Broadcast on twicth. Hopefully this would lead to some good ol' fashioned warmongering, alliances, backstabs and sabotage. back channel comms on discord highly encouraged. If anyone is interested, ping me on steam: killermckane .


  • Or add me on discord: jesse#4102
  • russkellyrusskelly Indianapolis
    I'm in. russkelly on twitch. I think the same on discord. I'll find you guys. :)
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    I play one hell of a piece of shit when I game. This appeals to me.
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