My weekend so far... *Birdman Spoilers*

A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
Watched Birdman and then A Scanner Darkly and I think I just broke my brain.

I have a bunch of Birdman theories. I think he might have died right as the movie began. Or at six other points in the movie? Maybe each scene cut was a reimagined life?

I feel like I should cap it off with Brazil or 12 Monkeys.


  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
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    Cool, you watched the movie my handle and avatar are based on ;) What did you think of it?

    Birdman was pretty amazing and it certainly had a dreamy surreal aspect to it. I personally didn't really feel the need to try to explain the telekinesis and flying away aspects of the plot though. I was more like "cool, an unreliable narrator". He may be completely crazy, escaping in fantasy... didn't really matter that much to me.

    Always interested in theories though, especially if they tie in with the other themes. I've already read so many pretty amazing theories that made perfect sense, there must be a lot more to it.

    What I also really really liked was the cool percussion music throughout and then suddenly meeting that drummer as part of the movie world. Reminded me a little of Eastern European and Balkan cinema where the protagonist gets followed around by a brass band.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    Shucks, I was hoping you were going to say that you stiffed cab driver due to an incredibly well produced hallucination.
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    Love the various Birdman theories online.

    Also find this shirt touching.

  • I need that shirt! When she gave her dad both barrels loaded with hard truth was my favorite scene - hands down.
  • TravisTravis CA
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    A Scanner Darkly has been on my list forever. It's in my Amazon watchlist but I never seem to get to it. Gotta fix that. Birdman was totally good.

    Any excuse to watch 12 Monkeys is always a good one.

    Works been super hectic lately so we took a "therapy weekend" and just binge watched a bunch of stuff. All of Fargo (which was totally great), the first 2 episodes of Penny Dreadful (promising, definitely going to follow up), the first episode of The Returned (which I liked a whole lot but didn't feel like subtitles so we're going to pick that one up later too), and about 5 episodes of The Americans which lands us at season 1 episode 10 (maybe not as good as Fargo to win the weekend, but really, really good stuff).

  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    @steph_b  That was a great scene (who knew she could ACT?) but it's my 2nd favorite.

    My first would be when norton and keaton were workshopping the play upon meeting on stage. That "TA-DA" face Norton gives at the end is hilarious to me everytime.
  • It's close for me, @ksa1001 but the father daughter scene was super relatable for me on a personal level so it eeked out the win.

    I couldn't name a bad scene in it. I loved every minute. Sometimes the drums were a bit heavy handed IMO but it def added to the constant state of anxiety.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    YMS did a quickie on Birdman. If you don't know Adum and YMS, definitely check out his channel and his long-form reviews. He is one of the best in-depth movie-reviewers out there in my opinion and he's pretty entertaining as well.

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