Halo series on Showtime

I'm extremely excited about this but very skeptical. It would take a lot to do the games justice but I'm looking forward to this regardless. Halo has always my game of choice post 2001. 



  • MattyWeavesMattyWeaves Mid-State New York
    That's awesome, I hope we get Chief landing on the original Halo and that's the first season or two.
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    I hope they don't spend an inordinate amount of time on backstory or how the war started or anything like that. 

    Just, do what the 1st game did. Bam. Humanity's at war, these are the enemies, a small group of survivors trying to figure out what this alien megastructure does one step ahead of the enemy. 

    The story in the later halo games, when they expanded the scope of the story, was all pretty bad IMO. The first game was, especially for the time, a perfectly good, self-contained sci-fi action story. 
  • I just hope its not like those made for TV movies where Chief is only in it for 5 minutes and its about some cadets or kids. There is so much potential if they have a budget. I mean those movies had some cool parts. but the cool parts were all the expensive scenes like the Hunter scene. I would be down with season 1 being game 1 and then season 2 being game 2. 
  • I really hope they nail it this time, I feel like that forward unto dawn show was a piece of shit. 
  • I was a big Halo 1 and 2 fan, don't know anything about the extended universe and haven't watched or read any adaptions.  I'd be up for this, though.
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