Has anyone started watching 'Yellowstone'? They have only released two episodes, but so far I am intrigued.


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    Hadn’t heard of it. The premise sounds good but the Rotten Tomatoes reviews don’t look so hot. 

    Kelsey Chow is in it though  <3  

    Is it a tame drama or is there some action and violence?
  • Someone mentioned in the last Lunch that we are sleeping on Yellowstone, which intrigued me. Watched all the episodes up to where it currently is in one sitting and was really enjoying it, and I generally dislike Kevin Costner, but the snow is really good. Surprised I am.

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    I am actually pretty into this show. Maybe because there isn't a ton on right now but it's one my favorites on right now. I like the overall scenery and the story is pretty good. I wasn't surprised when I looked up and saw it was created and written by Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water, Wind River). I don't think it's his best work but maybe movies and TV is a different beast so he is on a little bit of a learning curve because it has gotten better as its progressed. Luckily we get to continue to find out since its been renewed for a season 2. 

    Side note: I was a little surprised with the language and partial nudity in one of the episodes. I don't mind that stuff but didn't realize you could do that on cable TV (not premium like HBO). 
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    Anyone else still watching this show? Oh boy that season finale. Lot of stuff going on that should make for an interesting season 2. 
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