is there going to be a Bald Movies for Ant Man and the Wasp?

StoodawgStoodawg Kalamazoo, MI
I was hoping to see a Bald Movies podcast for Ant Man and the Wasp. Does anyone know if there's one planned ?


  • StoodawgStoodawg Kalamazoo, MI
    OK, I just read that there probably won't be one. I think you guys (Aron and Jim) should seriously consider it. It was really good and if Jim still hasn't seen the first it probably would be possible to give it a watch before going. 
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    What'd you think of it?  I thought it was totally solid.  I laughed (I didn't cry), I wasn't bored by the action, and the plot had enough interesting twists to the generic beat-em-up formula that it kept me engaged throughout!!!

    That doesn't sound like very high praise, lol, but it was a good movie.  Relies a bit on events from Civil War, which is annoying, but otherwise a good family-friendly action-comedy with superheroes.  I think I like both Ant-Man movies over ANY of the Iron Man ones, at this point, and probably the first two Thors, Dr. Strange, and Hulk as well.  Peyton Reed deserves whatever credit he's getting, and probably more, because he had a LOT of doubters when he was hired.
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    This turned out to be one of my favorite Marvel movies. It let them get away from the "we need to save the universe from the beam of blue light shining up into the sky" and tell a more personal story and have a lot more fun with it. The security company guys were great and I really liked the interactions with his daughter. I could have used more Walton Goggins but it was just nice to have him there at all. The trippy quantumverse or whatever fantasy bullshit they made up was really cool too.
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