302 - Dark Wings, Dark Words - Spoilers!

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  • listening to 301 podcast and you guys mentioned that Jaime needs to pay for his sins on Bran and most of his suffering comes from being labeled a villian when hes not. 

    however, neither of you guys mentioned that Jaime was severely punished for his crimes. he was captured, jailed and humiliated by Rob's army. then he got his sword hand cut off! its eye for an eye but i guess losing one hand and still being able to walk isnt as a bad as losing the ability to walk but I'm fairly confident that Jaime has been punished enough that we can see him as at least true neutral and closer to good than evil. 
  • I think if Jamie needs to pay all depends on how Bran feels about the situation. Assuming that he has gone back an watched what happened and now knows that it was jamie what is he going to want to do about it. If the kid that got chucked out the window says let him live then I think you have to let him live.
  • Jamie tried to murder a child so he wouldn't get caught boning his sister. I know we all love the Jamie redemption arc, but considering what is punishable by death in Westeros, Jamie would almost certainly be subject to death for what he did if someone with power over him who cared knew.

    I think Jamie will probably die heroically, but I will be...disappointed isn't the right word, but I will be disappointed if he survives the series. I think for Jamie's story to pay off satisfactorily he needs to die in the end. Realizing you were a monster doesn't make the monstrous acts you committed go away. 
  • I can't say whether Jaime needs to pay more than he has. But don't forget, he's also lost all 3 of his children. 
  • Jamie has suffered but I don't think he has suffered enough. The gods of the Northmen. the "old gods" punish people very quickly. see the tale of the rat cook. Where we see those of the faith of the seven punished a lot slower and more viciously. It is almost as if every god has to get their lick in before they are done punishing you. He tried to kill a child so he had to suffer greatly. Here is how I think he was punished.

    the Father,- His own son removes him from the Kingsguard 
     the Mother,- Prediction: He will have to kill the mother of his children 
    the Maiden,- He has the only woman he ever loved reject him when he returns from being a POW
    the Crone,- He sees and understands the sighs of a mad ruler B/C the crone gives foresight - (kind of a stretch)
    the Warrior,- He loses all the battles he leads the Lannister forces in. (Except of course the siege of river run)
    the Smith- His sword hand was taken. 
    and the Stranger- Marcella dies in his arms (The bond between fathers and daughters is the strongest)

    The last one to punish him is the mother. Cat prayed for the mother's mercy in season 0ne. The mercy was given to bran the wrath is to come to Jamie.

  • Damn, the actress playing Shae really is a weak link.
  • Tom_ATom_A Carcosa
    Hey guys! Sorry, but it's pronounced OH-sha not Asha. You've consistently pronounced it like that and I've finally felt the urge to chime in.

    Asha is Theon's sister's name in the book so when you pronounce Osha "Asha" it could be pretty confusing to some. 

    Not trying to be a nitpicking, correcting ass fyi. 

  • Tom_ATom_A Carcosa
    @Doctor_Nick yeah she's consistently the weakest of the main cast. 
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