LWJ&A 7/13/18

Sorry if there is already a thread; I did a search but didn't see anything.  

Question: I recently watched the movie Annihilation, and went back to listen to the podcast you recorded (loved the movie, loved the cast).  A few different times during the discussion, one of you would start a comment with "on second watch, I wonder...." or "I wonder if we'd pick that up on a second watch..."  My question is, how often do you actually go back and watch a movie a second time?  (Aside from beloved classics that you watch once a year, etc).  I can't even count the number of times I've thought "I need to see that again to truly understand it," but I never find the time to go back and re-watch.  I feel like there was one movie that you guys recorded a podcast for, did a re-watch, and actually recorded another podcast with your updated thoughts - one of the recent Star Wars films maybe?  Just curious how often you actually find time to go back and watch a new-ish movie a second time.



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