Prime Day Crash crashed as soon as Prime day started at 3:00pm EST....seriously Amazon???????


  • Thanks, Bezos.
  • Honestly, you're better off. 99% of the crap on sale is stuff they are overstocked on cause no one wants it or shit like the fire tablet and echo that are just ways for amazon to make more money off you by shoving ads in your face or harvesting as much data as possible. 
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    I didn’t see anything really that exciting. I was hoping to get some smart home stuff for my Alexa but everything seemed overpriced even with the savings. 

    If I was in the market for a tablet there are some decent deals. I’m not though....I barely use the one I have now. 
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    Ive been adding a bunch of random stuff to my list over the last couple months, like kitchen things and general house hold stuff and a few electronics.

    Not one thing has moved in price so far, nor do I think anything will. I just wanted to see if there was some major price drop.
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    Just in case anyone here isn't aware of this, there's a strike going on right now in Europe in protest of Amazon's shitty treatment of their employees, and if you want to show support, not buying anything from them or using their websites during Prime Day is a good step. (This post isn't intended to shame anyone for using it, just to hopefully spread some awareness)
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    I would do the 23 & Me test, except I don't have a couple hundred extra bucks right now (one for me and one for hubby).

    I know just the ancestry ones are $80-$100, but you can DL your DNA data and upload it to Promethese to get health data for $10. It's a little more complicated to analyze your results but it saved me a ton.
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    I knew it was only a matter of time and this may be just the beginning.  After years of plotting revenge, Jim and A.Ron have initiated the Bezos counter-strike.  First, the warehouse strikes in Europe, then the Prime Day crash, who knows what's next - perhaps a data breach at the Ohio AWS data center or a minor listeria outbreak at Whole Foods?  Revenge is a dish best served cold.  Well played sirs, well played.
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  • In my fantasy world Amazon has taken every single extra dollar and invested it in season 4 of The Expanse. Sure, the website may crash on prime day, but...SPACE. 
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