Relationship between The Night's Watch and the 7 Kingdoms

CoryCory New Scotland
The Night's watch is separate from the rest of the realm, isn't it?    Does that mean that "technically" they had no right to demand to take Gendry from Yoren, or to attack Yoren?  (Not that it mattered to Joff or his mother, and there was nothing Jeor could do, was there?).


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    I believe that is correct. I think yoren even says something about them not having the right to take somebody from the nights watch, but Cersei and Jeffery don’t care about that. Nobody other than the north gives a dam about the nights watch and their rules. Everybody in the south sees them as an ancient custom that serves no purpose. That’s why they are so undermanned and relying on all these criminals to man the wall. 
  • Yes, the Night's Watch, as well as the Citadel, are supposed to be totally impartial to the politics of the Realm and completely beyond reproach - kind of like the US Supreme Court.  But, as with all things in life, it's not that simple.  Individual Night's Watchmen and Maesters struggle to set aside provincial loyalties, with some more successful than others.  And various power factions of the Realm will try to co-opt these institutions for their own political aims, although in recent times the Night's Watch is largely ignored since they're located in such a far off locale.
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