The Walking Deadon Season 9 Trailer

Can't wait for the guy's weekly podcast on this!



  • Looks like it is going to be more of the same thinly rationalized character interactions and "drama," with zombie attack set pieces. Derpa derp.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    I know the show has devolved in quality from earlier seasons, but I have to say that this looks really intriguing.  I have been curious if the new showrunner would have a positive effect, even though Gimple's still on the company payroll, and it looks like maybe she will.  I'll still be watching, mostly out of curiosity but also, since this is Andrew Lincoln's final season, I can't *not* see Rick's final episodes.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Michelle said:
     I'll still be watching, mostly out of curiosity but also, since this is Andrew Lincoln's final season, I can't *not* see Rick's final episodes.

    I promise you that you can
  • lengmolengmo RTP, NC
    edited July 21
    Negan: "Come back and tell me when it all falls apart."
    Rick: "Can't, I'm out before then."
    Negan: "What the shit?  Then have Maggie--"
    Rick: "Can't, her too."
    Negan: "...Do I know anyone who's sticking around?"
    Rick: "Daryl.  You'll be seeing a lot of Daryl; everyone will be."
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    So fucking annoying “the uploader has chosen not to make his available in your country” 

     The Walking Dead airs the same day here so why is AMC being asshats? It’s a damn trailer. You think you would want to generate hype for your TV shows, not block people from viewing them. 

  • Holding my breath for the Heath kidnap arc.
  • I have a theory that Gimple wanted to get rid of Daryl a few seasons ago but couldn't because of the "if Daryl dies we riot" being the 4 year old child he is, he chose to make Daryl's character as annoying and ridiculous (or at least his story arc) as possible, i.e. being the reason Negan killed Glenn, having no interesting side arcs, and generally becoming a sociopath...I can see Gimple being like Don Draper, when everyone else is racking their brains trying to win Chevy, he's obsessed with winning back his side piece(or in this case ruining Daryl for everyone)

    TL;DR:  Scott Gimple couldn't kill off Daryl so he ruined him as a character 
  • To be honest, I think they did a really good job making the trailer look exciting. The music, the editing, everything looks like it might actually pull me in again... but don't I say it every year? I will say, this is the first trailer that I have watched that from TWD in a long time that makes me disappointed that Bald Move isn't covering it because there's the smallest whiff of redemption in here for me. But I'm sure I'll be eating my words soon! 
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