The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

chriskchrisk Indianapolis
Saw a couple posts in other threads, but no dedicated thread for this.

Finally watched it over the last week and really enjoyed it once it got going. 

This is from the creator of Gilmore Girls, so if you liked that, this is a pretty safe bet. LOTS of fast talking. Maybe even faster than Gilmore Girls, though with fewer casually dropped pop culture references. I'd say it's more theatrical than Gilmore Girls, with the performances a bit more stagey and broad at times. But once I acclimated to that, it was fine. Tony Shalhoub is really good as Miriam's father. 

Seems like they really spent a lot of money and time on the period recreations in this show - unlike Mad Men they go outside a lot and there's a lot of extras, and everything looks fairly accurate.

Good article on that here:

Not a fan of the husband character, but I suppose it's a challenge to create a compelling character whose plot function is to pull the main character away from their destination. Reminds me a bit of Skyler on Breaking Bad, though I think sexism and bad writing had a lot to do with that early on. Skyler was never this whiny.

I'm a little surprised that her being found out, or her being worried about being found out, doesn't come up much.


  • MichelleMichelle California
    I started it, got a few episodes in, got sidetracked by life, and never finished it.  I should do it this weekend.  What I did see was good, and I liked the main character.  The husband is not my favorite either though.  Yeah, I'll give it another go. Season 2 should begin in just a couple of months.
  • I just watched it based on a NY Times article with a list of emmy nominated shows that people probably missed (Also watched Godless on Netflix based on this list, which was interesting and for Downton Abbey fans it is kind of fun to see Lady Mary with an American Accent).

    I agree with chrisK the characters in Miss Maisel are stagey rather than realistic but I enjoyed it a lot. The energy is high and it goes very fast.  I liked seeing Rachel Brosnahan playing a strong smart character rather than the perennial victim she played in House of Cards, she has good acting range.  I ended up appreciating the husband as a character by the end of the season.  While some of his actions are pretty despicable, he is not a total one-dimensional schmuck which I liked.  He is really a weak person more than bad.  It's an  interesting comparison with the competent smart, driven woman having to be the house-wife and the weaker partner having to be the one providing support for the whole family and how they both kind of feel resentment for their roles.   
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    Yes, I like this show. Tony Shalhoub is great. If I had to use a word to describe it it would be charming. 
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