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I just finished the season last night, I thought it was pretty excellent, a VAST improvement on last season.

I flipping loved the Barb and Carol stuff, their back story was probably one of the most disturbing things I've seen on the show, poor little Debbie.

The show really benefitted from the introduction of most of the new characters, and the new setting. Although I got very tired of Badison, her character never really evolved from when we first met her.

Re. Barb and Carol's deaths in the finale, anyone else think that it was Freida who killed them rather than them killing each other? I got that feeling but I wasn't sure if the show was making it obvious or it was just something I picked up on. Made sense how she upset Suzanne to make her go to the kickball, so she could do the deed.

Utterly devastated for Taystee. I'm assuming she was just sentenced to life, but they were talking about the possibility of the death penalty earlier in the season which could come back in to play. That would be horrific.


  • I think OITNB passed the point where you could rely on it to be consistently good after season 4. Season 5 was a huge mess (albeit a very ambitious mess with some good stuff in it), and season 6 was a significant improvement but, like I said, it just doesn't feel as reliable as it used to.

    Cutting out a lot of the characters was a good idea - there were way too many by season 5 - but most of the new ones they introduced just didn't work for me. Badison was never interesting, and Carol and Barb felt more like plot devices to create conflict than characters (although the way their story ends is perfect - I didn't get the "Freida killed them" idea at all; you can see her still in her cell in Florida during the montage at the end, and them taking each other out is a far more fitting end to them, especially after the reveal that the story that started their whole feud didn't happen to either of them).

    Oh, and I wasn't a fan of how Taystee's story often seemed like it was more about Caputo's redemption arc than about Taystee. Honestly it felt like far too little time was devoted to her, which is a weird misstep considering how prominent she was in season 5.

    That said, there was a lot to like here, especially in the finale, which somehow tied together almost every plot line from the season (and there were a lot) in a satisfying way, and gave a fitting balance between the good (Piper and Sophia (!) getting out, the kickball game not turning into a bloodbath) and the bad (Taystee being found guilty, Blanca's "release" right into the custody of ICE). I was worried going in that the show was just going to continue on a downward trajectory, but this season ended in a place that had me excited for next year. I do think season 7 should be the end, though - it feels like it's time.
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Just finished this season and I agree that it was WAYYY better than last season. I was so happy when the kickball game didn't turn into a giant war but also very disappointed that Badison didn't get a shiv to the neck. Man I really hated her! Ha

    The Blanca ending really got me. I didn't see that coming at all. And it's perfectly emphasized with the unveiling of MCC's plan on entering the immigration detention space. I was really hoping Caputo was about thirty percent drunker and snatched that wig off of Linda's head as he walked past her. But I'm glad he's in a good place with Fig. You are right though @SomeBiscuit, too much of Taystee's arc was about his redemption. 

    Taystee's ending was also devastating but I figured that was they would go. You obviously want her to beat the charge but this show is too damn real. You have her going down for a murder she didn't commit while Piper's ass gets let out early. Not that Piper had anything to do with it but it's a perfect picture of the messed up prison system and white privilege. And it's certainly going to be brutal the next time we see Taystee and Black Cindy meet up.

    Honestly though, I was just surprised that Piper didn't run back into prison. I really thought she was going to pull some dumb shit and give up her early release. Overall, pretty good season. Still plenty of eye roll worthy moments but it's much closer to the OITNB that I first fell in love with.
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