Has anyone else considered the workaround that Jaime can forge Lightbringer?

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If forging lightbringer requires the killing of the thing you the forger loves most.  Doesn't it make sense that Jaime uses Heart Eater to kill Cersi creating lightbringer and bringing an end to the Valencar theory.  The name of his sword is an interesting foreshadowing that just seemed like Joffrey's craziness when first presented.  And if Ice really was the original Lightbringer all of the other requirements for the sword are met by proxy. And maybe Oathkeeper will also become magical. Or maybe the sword will need to be reforged as ice after Jaime kills Cersi.  Either way once Jaime has forged the sword he could give it to Danny, Jon or both to take on the dragons and fight the White Walkers. I am just a show watcher with podcast knowledge.  So please let me know if this theory holds any water.


  • Also if creating light bringer requires quenching it in water a lion and a lovers heart.  Wouldn't Jaime have completed the first process when Braun tackled him.  And he could complete the next two by killing Cersi which is both a lion and a lover.
  • It's not that light bringer needs to be quenched in those 3 things. The first 2 failed. The blades shattered. If anything it only needs the 3rd. 
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