BlacKkKlansman - This is why I'm happy to be in Club Baldmove

So yeah, first of all, I need to see this movie. Secondly, I'm really happy that the boys just went ahead and skipped the normal Baldmove "first run" formula, and just used this cast as an opportunity to discuss the dire issues our country faces.

This is why Bald Move is the best podcasting outfit out there.
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  • HanaHeat1HanaHeat1 Los Angeles, CA
    Listening right now and the conversation moved me to buy a ticket ASAP!
  • MichelleMichelle California
    10 minutes into the 'cast and this already rates as one of the top 5 they've done, certainly one of the most important.  Maybe THE most important.  I *have* to go see this.
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  • Yeah I’m hoping this comes to my hometown soon.
  • Wow  ... awesome! “If you have the privilege to be able to put your fingers in your ears and go lalaala nowadays beacause you don’t want to hear about politics, that’s the very definition of white privilege” Great pod guys! 
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  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Wow, that was BLISTERING. Poor @Jim getting interrupted every time though, lol. 

    I still know nothing about this movie from this review but I sure as hell want to see it. 
  • Going to see it this weekend.  Great review.  I mentioned on twitter that listening to this podcast tonight and Pod Save Americas podcast that just interviewed the guy who started Sleeping Giants which alerts companies that their ads are showing on racist websites like Brietbart gives me hope.

    the guy got outed by the Daily Caller website - got his address published with his wife and kids names getting calls and death threats.  All for decreasing the revenue for racist websites.

    But he's gotten even more offers to help from new volunteers- so despite the threats he is going strong with Sleeping Giants.

    i agree with all viewpoints in this episode of Bald Move.  I would expand the discussion to include immigration and this administration and the alt right playing on fears that in 20 years whites will be a minority along with all other minorites.  

    Looking at our president starting his campaign with Mexicans are racist, drug dealing gang members, to Muslim ban, to Charlottesville to ending DACA (by doing nothing) to kids in cages, to now preventing citizenship for legal immigrants who have used services.

    The escalation is continuing.  This is a worthwhile discussion to have.
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
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    Bought a ticket for Saturday. I'm more excited for the cast than the movie now, lol! Gonna wait though...

    Edit: Damn you, I'm caving.
  • Wow!  That was an incredible podcast, for sure one of the best in Bald Move history.  Near the end when A.ron said, paraphrasing mind you, that racists aren’t welcome here and that he doesn’t want them as fans I cheered out loud at work.  I’ve never been more proud of Bald Move or to be a member of this community and I stand with them against hate and oppression.
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  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    Aron made me more radicalized to call out the shitty T-shirts if/when I see them. As a white woman, it's far less likely to result in an altercation.
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    BTdubs, all my ATL folks (who are evidently legion)...

    I highly recommend the Civil Rights Museum, right next to the Coke Museum downtown... there's this "exhibit" where you sit at a counter and it replicates the experience of protestors in the 60s. It was harrowing and I'm tearing up just thinking about it... not in a sad way, in a terrified way. It's... I mean, there are warning signs all around it and afterwards you realize not only are they not overkill, they're probably underkill.
  • I can’t wait to see this and share it with my 19 year old son who is just now starting to see the terrible things that happened in our country’s past. @A-Aron I feel like we could be best friends. Great Pod & lets all fight back!
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Bald Move official policy: 
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  • I wanted to see this before but after listening to the review I'm all in.  And honestly you guys will have my money forever because this episode hit on everything that is what we need to discuss and talk about and take action on because we are totally at a tipping point and we need to continue to speak up and keep this from falling back into the shadows that happens so often 
  • I was planning on seeing this movie at some point but now I'll be seeing it at some point this weekend just so I can listen to the podcast.  Can't wait to listen to it.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
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    Dee said:
    Wow, that was BLISTERING. Poor @Jim getting interrupted every time though, lol. 

    I still know nothing about this movie from this review but I sure as hell want to see it. 
    I hate that I do that. I really do. It's so painful to listen to. Knowing my tendency to do that shit in even normal, less emotionally charged circumstances, I fully intended to just let him speak for the first five minutes. I had thought about that plan the whole drive back to the studio; "I'm going to just let him run and just be like "amen!", "preach!"", etc. But then  60 seconds into the cast I'm like 
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  • So Jimmy Kimmel had an extended interview with Kanye:

    Kimmel asked West would would make him think that Trump cares about black (or any kind of) people:
    >“There are families being torn apart at the border of this country,” Kimmel said. “Whether we like his personality or not, his actions are what matter. You so famously, and so powerfully said, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people.’ What makes you think that Donald Trump does — or any people at all?”

    >The 41-year-old hip-hop star said nothing as he glanced upward, arms folded, to nervous laughter from the audience.

  • Dee said:
    Wow, that was BLISTERING. Poor @Jim getting interrupted every time though, lol. 

    I still know nothing about this movie from this review but I sure as hell want to see it. 
    I hate that I do that. I really do. It's so painful to listen to. Knowing my tendency to do that shit in even normal, less emotionally charged circumstances, I fully intended to just let him speak for the first five minutes. I had thought about that plan the whole drive back to the studio; "I'm going to just let him run and just be like "amen!", "preach!"", etc. But then  60 seconds into the cast I'm like 
    I haven't listened to the podcast yet but as a person that is very much in Jim's position with that type of thing I know and understand that my friend (A.Ron in this situation) is just very passionate about what is being discussed.  I personally don't even get annoyed by it because of that reason and typically it's something I jump in on and add a little here and there and I know my friend can probably articulate the point better than I can so it really doesn't bother me.  Obviously this is different with everybody but don't beat yourself up too much over it A.Ron.
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    Kanye is married into the Kardashian controversy-as-fame machine. I don't try to figure it out as if it makes any more sense beyond what it was created to do, having caught my attention.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
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    Wow.  That was some serious, top-shelf, prime podcasting content right there.  This is why I get a little pissed about the term "virtue signalling."  It's cruel, it's vicious, it's cynical, it mocks people for giving an actual fuck and being outspoken in times where more people need to be outspoken.  It undermines people for being on the right side of things and encourages everyone to being apathetic and complacent and complicit.  Needless to say, big surprise cause I'm here in the BM community, I agree wholeheartedly with the throw down on this podcast. 

    I don't want to paint my city in a bad light cause I have a lot of city pride, and we are currently the most diverse city in the U.S., but as a white guy who interacts with a lot of white guys down here in good ol' Houston Texas, I deal with this bullshit way too often.  I couldn't ever properly begin to imagine how hard it is for black people. I get in arguments with colleagues. I'm not one to back down from arguing with family members, like my own father last super bowl when Kendrick was performing was the latest round with him.  My godson is black. My 2 best friend's wives,also my close friends, and their sons are black.  Black lives matter. I shut that All Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter shit down all the time cause it's horseshit, and that's usually where I start getting into arguments with people.  I scowl at blue line american flag stickers.  I almost got the bravery in me to rip blue ribbons off trees in the median of my neighborhood. 

    This has been on the front burner of my brain recently after listening to a Matt Lewis podcast called The Rise of the Alt-Right, where this professor interviewed people about their views and how they go against basic Jeffersonian egalitarianism of "all men are created equal"  Basically these guys would get lost in circular reasoning trying to explain themselves.  Also on the brain cause of the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer rally that happened earlier in the week in Portland with everyone live twitter streaming.  And of course football is about to start so all the kneeling anthem stuff is about to get riled up again.  

    I need to take a breath.  That podcast got me juiced up.  Now this movie is at the top of my "must see" list.  
  • Dee said:
    Wow, that was BLISTERING. Poor @Jim getting interrupted every time though, lol.
    It's ok.  I'm content to sit back and Let A.ron do his thing on these topics.  He's much more eloquent and well-read on them.  Like I said at the end of the pod, I stand behind the thoughts he expressed.
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  • MichelleMichelle California
    In the city where I work, it's playing in a small historic theater.  I will most likely see it there, mainly because I love the theater itself but also, of all the little towns/cities in my area, it's the most appropriate city to see it in.  Last April, a black college student was killed at a party and the person responsible is still free.  One fellow partygoer (white dude) was arrested, but eventually found not guilty.  Since then, the investigation has gotten pretty much nowhere and the police seem to no longer really be actively pursuing the case.  It's a big sh*tshow and there have been several rallies and demonstrations, flyers posted *everywhere*, back-and-forth debates on social media between those who actually give a crap about this good kid who was taken far too soon, and the dumbass backward Northern Cali hicks who have their heads buried in the sand.

    Anyway, before I get on a rant, I encourage everyone to please read this article about the case.  In the meantime, I'll be doing my part to change hearts and minds in my little neck of the (Northern California red)woods.
  • I greatly appreciated the comments from @Jim and @A_Ron_Hubbard at the beginning of the cast. That said, I had to pause it bc I'm going to see it on Saturday, and was confused by the break in non-spoiler format. I don't question it, since some movies are hard to discuss, and I'm looking forward to hopping in the convo and listening to the rest of the podcast Sat night or Sunday.
  • They don’t really talk about the movie much to be fair. 
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    I saw this pod pop up when I was at the gym last night. This thread is making me wish I'd listened immediately!
  • FernNYC17FernNYC17 New York, NY
    Bravo. What a Podcast. this is why i love you guys. i have already recommended it to like half my office. i hope somehow this pod gets viral on like twitter or something. i'll do my part and re-tweet it. Bravo again. 
  • I am also curious to see how my adopted hometown of DC handles this "alt-right" march this weekend. Someone asked me if I will go into the city or stay home. I said, I have no plans to go into the city bc I have family stuff to do. However, if I still lived in the city, I would not let these hate-mongers keep me from living my life. If they want to F with me in a city filled with liberals and black people, that's on them.
  • As crass as this is, all I kept thinking to myself while listening to this, was "FUCK YEAH."  Like, thirty or forty times.  Thanks, Jim and A.Ron.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    How was Topher Grace's David Duke? 
  • Did anyone see Spike Lee on Don Lemon last night?  Really good interview!
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