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This is dedicated to the discussion of the novel Nemesis Games, Book 5 in the Expanse series. All spoilers up to and including Book 5 are allowed, this includes the novellas: “The Butcher of Anderson Station”, “The Churn”, “Drive”, “Gods of Risk”, and “The Vital Abyss” as well as all of Books 1-4.  If you’d like to discuss all written works in general please see the Book Club discussion thread. No spoilers past Book 5 please and that includes show spoilers. 


  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    I finished this book on the weekend.  I can say that I really get why some people on the interwebs are suggesting bypassing Cibola Burn and going straight into Nemesis Games for season three.

    I liked Cibola Burn a lot but it would make for a pretty serious lull if it were to take a whole season. Too many new characters and too stationary in my opinion. That said, there are significant pieces of the larger proto-molecule arc that I'd hate to lose if they turn out to be important down the road.

    For my money, they should simplify the story of Ilus and tell it parallel with the formation of the Free Navy. Then they could kick right into Nemesis Games in the back half of the season. I'm not sure where the natural end point would be, but I'm thinking the season finale or penultimate episode is the attacks on Tycho, Earth and the Mars PM. This would leave Amos's escape to Luna, the Bobby-Alex-Nate roadshow, and rescuing Naomi for the opening episodes of season 4.

    It actually still makes season 3 feel overstuffed, so maybe the right solution is to yada-yada past Ilus, but I'm not sure how much the proto-molecule killer stuff from CBmatters long-term. It's barely mentioned in NG.

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