S1 E2 The Kingsroad

HatorianHatorian Dagobah
edited August 2018 in Game of Thrones
Man. After watching the entire series I’m not sure there’s a more tear jerking episode. 

1. Jon Snow give Arya Needle and says his goodbye with a big hug and Sister/Brother moment
2. Jon snow says goodbye to Bran and gets the Cat treatment. Which is hard to see knowing what happens
3. Ned tells Cat he has no choice and has to leave but Cat being right and their last interaction 
4. Robb and Jon say their goodbyes 
5. Ned tells Jon he has his blood. And that he will tell him the truth about his Mother next time they meet. Which maybe signifies Ned knows they may meet in the afterlife 
6. Ned having to sit through the truth of his Sister loving another than Robert.


  • Kela15Kela15 Malta, Europe
    7. That evil bitxh-queen demanding Lady be put down! I hate her!
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