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In the same spirit as some of the twitch streamer discussions that are held here, I was wondering if anyone has any particular favorite youtube content-creators that they wanted to recommend or discuss?  There's a lot of garbage on there, obviously, but some stuff really stands out. 

I wanted to talk about OSW Review, in particular, because those boys have been killing it for years.  Of course, if you're an old school wrestling nerd, you already know about them, and if you're not, you probably won't care, but their production is phenomenal, their knowledge pretty impeccable, and their humor...really humorous, if a bit ribald for some.  I'm gonna share this video, the start of their recent Lex Express retrospective.  Present-day Macaulay Culkin shows up, if that incentivizes you to watch it.

The other top-tier content I'd recommend is probably old-news to a lot of people at this point, but the week-by-week World War 1 recaps on The Great War will culminate with the 100th anniversary of Armistice in November, so if you haven't seen the series it might be fun to check it out in the next few months.  My only complaints with this series are that it's hard for me to follow because of how much goes on each week, and I find that the host's editorializing on the horrors of war start to get repetitive.  Crass of me to say, I know, but I watched like 100 episodes over a few days.

Anyway, anybody else have some cool series that they'd like to share?

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    Screen Junkies is a great channel; they had a #metoo scandal of their own about a year and a half ago and have been thriving ever since they got rid of the asshole boss. They do Honest Trailers on Tuesdays, Movie Fights on Thursdays, and movie/tv news every day.

    Wisecrack, home of Earthling Cinema and Thug Notes--interesting, funny, and new perspectives

    Nerdwriter1, far as I can tell, is just one guy making videos. He's got a lot of interesting things to say; one of my favorites was where he explained how George Miller guided your eyes while directing Mad Max Fury Road

    If you're into ASMR, check out Gentle Whispering and Pelagea ASMR

    Auralnauts take movie/tv clips and put fake audio over it. Love their Kylo Ren stuff.

    How It Should Have Ended--great superhero parody cartoons. 

    Ozzy Man Reviews--come for the weekly GoT recaps, stay for the wacky commentary on animal fights, human fights, wife carrying competitions, ball races, you name it

    Film Theory--Find out why Thanos wouldn't be able to snap his fingers while wearing a gauntlet, find out why Wakanda's economy is inherently unstable, find out how it's possible that Eleven in Stranger Things is actually the monster

    If you watch music videos often enough on YT while you're signed into an account, it will eventually come up with "My Mix", which is a mix of stuff you've watched and suggestions based on same. My wife and I have it on all day most weekend afternoons. 

    Last but not least, The Slo-Mo Guys: Gav and Dan love to break, smash, and blow shit up, and they have an army of slo-mo cameras that capture every tiny detail. Not a single bad video on their whole channel.

  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    Red Letter Media - Movie reviews, bad movie mocking, Star Wars commentary.

    Beyond the Trailer - I'm there for the business of Hollywood discussion, though she does more than that.

    ExodusDoc - Interviews with Millenials who've left their religion.

    Lindsay Ellis - Excellent film criticism. She's going places.

    Nerdwriter1 - I only like his back catalog. He's gotten lazy lately. Discusses film and art concepts.

    The Financial Diet - Palatable financial advice.

    Highfalutin' Low Carb - A great personality testing out low carb recipes.
  • I really like Devin Super Tramp. They do extreme sports stuff. Usually pretty cool stuff.
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    I watch a lot of Dungeons and Dragons related stuff - Matt Colville, Dungeon Dudes and Nerdarchy

    For people who have broader tastes....

    Lost in Vegas - two hip hop fans doing (mostly) metal review/reaction videos:

    Hot ones - Celebs being interviewed while they eat progressively hotter chicken wings:

    Chris Ramsey - a magician who's generally interesting, but I love it when he solves super hard (like level 10) puzzles:

    Simone Giertz - she makes shitty robots.  She was off for awhile because she had a brain tumour, but she's back now:

  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I really only ever watch food/cooking channels these days. Currently my favourites are Bingeing with Babish (that voice!) and Flav City with Bobby Parrish (though he’s gone keto so my interest in his recipes is starting to wane). 
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    Dee said:
    I really only ever watch food/cooking channels these days. Currently my favourites are Bingeing with Babish (that voice!) and Flav City with Bobby Parrish (though he’s gone keto so my interest in his recipes is starting to wane). 

    This seems to be the year where everyone is going keto. I knew it would happen. And the diet is NOT sustainable for the masses, so it pisses me off. I'll probably be priced out of it eventually. Eh, it was a matter of time.
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    • The Garo Studios - Incredible nerdy tribute type videos, like on the higher end of what you usually see. Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Batman, etc.

    • Primitive Technology - A guy in the middle of the woods building clay huts, grass huts, furnaces, gardens, and all out of material he finds in the woods. It's amazing, he doesn't talk or anything, just him in the middle of nowhere building shit out of nature.

    • History Buffs - A...History Buff... breaks down historical movies and how accurate they are in fine detail. Lots of really great movies, my favorite being Master & Commander. Also did things like Braveheart, and Rome.

    • Kurzgesagt or In a Nutshell - A heavy series of animated science videos that explores things like black holes, human origins, and The Fermi Paradox. Lots of space related videos. Beautiful animation, very colorful.

    • Townsends - This somewhat older chap has a cooking channel, but of 18th century food. He often dresses in colonial clothes and proceeds to use cooking recipes from 1700's America. He has some clothing tips and random other things, all 1700's related. He has an online store to buy some of the products too. He seems really sweet.

    Looking at my list, I'm surprised neither of the guys have mentioned these before. Of course maybe they have and I missed it. Be warned, if you check any of these out, I consider them all vortex like places that will suck you in for longer than you wanted.
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    For better or for worse, here's all my current subscriptions:

    Some highlights:

    Binging with Babish
    Newish cooking show, cooks recipes based off stuff in movies.

    Longish video essays on historic trends in gaming

    Memeish videos focused on Dark Souls and "Souls like" stuff. Funny

    Funny and touching video essays on trends in gaming

    Pewds has made something of a transformation since the controversy of a couple years ago. I check in on his videos here and there, and find them entertaining.

    The Know
    Gaming news coverage

    Deep dives in Dark Soulsborne lore. The best out there for this.

    Previously Recorded / Red Letter Media
    Others are recommending this outfit. Half in the Bag is probably the greatest movie review series.

    Political commentary from a Trans-woman

    The Youtube channel for the Twitch streamer. He puts condensed highlight videos up here.

    Alex French G uy Cooking
    Cooking show where engineering and technique are highlighted

    Company Man
    Video essays on specific companies. Discusses the history and current state of a company.

    LGR Foods / LGR
    Lazy Game Reviews is the main channel where he covers old computer tech. LGR Foods is his food channel where he makes a sandwich / ramen. Its good stuff

    Peter Serafinowicz
    Fuck Trump

    This is Dan Bell.
    Home of the "Dead Mall" series. Also some other stuff, but the Dead Mall stuff is amazing

    Joe Robinet
    Joe does camping videos. "Camping with a Stove Tent" was my entry to his channel.

    Korean style cooking.

    Keeps me sane in this era of Trump

    Others have recommended, so have I.

    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
    Animated Science explanation videos. Perhaps the best out there.

    Food Wishes
    One of the OG youtube food cooking shows.

    CGP Grey
    nerdy / science explanation videos with very infrequent (but good) posts.

    Like Colbert, keeps me sane in this era of Trump.

  • wow, this forum doesn't like links to youtube channels
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    MattyWeaves said:History Buffs - A...History Buff... breaks down historical movies and how accurate they are in fine detail.....and Rome.

      I'm all over that.
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    hitmy said:

    Political commentary from a Trans-woman

    ContraPoints is SO good. Recently discovered that one. That's one of those that I immediately began telling people about. 
  • How Ridiculous. 3 Australian boys drop heavy shit on other shit from very high. Sometimes they try to catch things like candy or soda that is dropped from high places. Also, occasionally they make insane basketball trick shots. 
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
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    Beer for Breakfast-

    Not gonna bother reading what it's about, I'm in.
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    Red Letter Media - The GOAT film analysis channel

    CGP Grey - short and sweet educational videos

    Contrapoints - sociopolitical commentary from a former philosophy grad student.

    Lindsay Ellis - film criticism. I really like her 3-video series on The Hobbit films.

    Kinda Funny - Popular culture and gaming channel based out of San Francisco. Ran by ex-IGN editors

    Hydraulic Press Channel - A Finnish machinist crushing things with his hydraulic press and filming it with slo-mo cameras
    ken hale
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    How could I forget Bill Wurtz?

  • Christopher Odd :  He's a twitch streamer / let's player from Canada.  He's genuinely very positive and seems to really enjoy most of the games he plays.

    Games Done Quick : Twice per year, this event takes place.  They stream 24-hours per day for 7-10 days all while raising money for charity.  This summer, they raised over 2.12 million dollars for doctors without borders.  Youtube is where they archive the streams by individual speedruns.  

    How Ridicuous :  3 Aussie boys drop heavy things from very high places.  Usually onto other things.  Notable mentions are dropping almost everything on a trampoline from 45 meters up.  Dropping bowling balls, anvils, darts, and more onto a car from 45 meters up.  Recently they've been dropping a giant dart onto many different things like a refrigerator, filing cabinet, stacks of paper, logs, copier, etc.  

    I Like to Make Stuff : Bob is a maker.  He likes to make stuff.  He does all kinds of projects, from wood to welding; building to programming.  Bob is cool.

    Four Eyes Furniture : Chris Salamone designs and builds furniture, and condenses the entire process down into a 5-10 minute video.
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    Good Bad or Bad Bad

    These guys have 60 hr plus of content where they do a deep dive into hilariously bad movies judging them good bad or bad bad. They both have film backgrounds so they can get into some minutia but overall they put out a great product and are very funny and well edited. They are a great hidden gem with only 10,000 subscribers they put out quality equal to 10,000,000 subscriber channels and I cannot recommend them enough.

    Highlights - Ben and Arthur, The Neil Breen movies, three ninjas, hard ticket to Hawaii, the happening, and battlefield earth

  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    Lindsay Ellis - film criticism. I really like her 3-video series on The Hobbit films.

    It's a 2 film series! Wash that mouth out with soap.
  • Only one of my go-to tubers has been mentioned so I'll throw mine in.

    Cinemassacre: James Rolfe and Mike Matei bring you many different gaming related web series including: Angry Video Game Nerd, James & Mike Mondays, game reviews and more!
    (really digging their Cinemassacre Rental series they just started)

    The Ghost Quarter: This channel discusses money, how to make money, bullion, bank strap searching, coin roll hunting, fancy serial numbers.
    (I watch this one out of sheer horror and curiosity.  He's been saying he's going to move out of his mom's house for years now but he keeps buying stupid "collectible" shit like empty MTG boxes that prevent him from saving money.  WILL HE EVER LEAVE THE NEST?)

    The 8-Bit Guy: A computer video series focusing mainly on retro technology from the 80's, 90's and 2000's. However, once or twice a year I'll create something totally "out there." My main goal at this point is to make educational content about retro technology that is interesting and engaging. Some people will be re-living their childhood, while others will be experiencing the technology for the first time.
    (I really like tech restoration videos and this guy does them really well.  Also, he's the nerdiest-looking man I've ever seen which I derive some pleasure from.  He knows his shit though)

    Techmoan: All Tech, no moan. Consumer Tech - from a Tech Consumer Featuring the best and worst of new and old technology. Cameras, HiFi, RetroTech.
    (Some of the best-produced videos on antiquated / odd technology.  Really enjoy the puppet skits at the end of some of his videos)

    Retro Man Cave: Welcome to the Retro Man Cave where I'll explore retro Gaming, Systems, Peripherals and....whatever stuff takes my fancy.
    (presentation is a little stuffy but the production values are good and he does a great job breaking down the history of tech companies and devices)

    Nigel Saunders: I'm Nigel Saunders and this channel is all about creating living miniature trees. Most of the work I do is in the "Lingnan" style of Chinese penjing. I will be posting movies of local bonsai shows and educational videos on the art of bonsai. I am from Southwestern Ontario, Canada.
    (The Bob Ross of Bonsai.  His hair alone could keep me watching.)

    LGR: Commentary on PC games, retro tech, and more! Classic computer gaming, Oddware, thrifting, Tech Tales, Sims, etc
    (I've got a love / hate relationship with this guy.  I can't stand his mannerisms and nerdy humor but the stuff he covers is really great)

    Last Gamer: Welcome to Last Gamer.
    (This guy has Guinness World Records world's largest video game collection.  He's constantly remodeling / expanding his house to accommodate all the gaming shit he buys.  He has my dream collection so I live vicariously through his videos.)

    John's Arcade: John lives for Arcade Games and Pinball! You know, the ones you put quarters in during the 70s, 80s, and 90s! Remember those? Subscribe to John's Arcade and celebrate the golden age of arcade video games and pinball by doing arcade let's play vids, collecting and restoring arcade games, road trips and much more!
    (This guy is a wrecking ball of a human being and yet he somehow manages to beautifully restore retro arcade cabinets.  His style and personality is a thing to behold, not really in a good way but it's entertaining to watch.  HEY GUYS!)

    Abroad in Japan: British guy living in Japan.
    (Don't remember how I found him as I'm not that interested in the Japanese lifestyle but I stayed for his humo(u)r.)

    Alkaid13cdriveken hale
  • @Jim , did you know LGR does a cooking show focused on sandwiches and ramen? lol
  • Yeah, I heard about that.  Somehow I'm not very interested.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Noclip makes amazing video game documentaries with really high production value. My favorites are the DOOM doc and the Final Fantasy 14 doc. He seems to get a level of access and honesty out of developers that you don't see very often. The story of FF14 and how they had to reinvent so much of it in this traditionally stubborn culture of Japanese game development was fascinating.
  • I watch live streaming 'Eagle Cams', hours, and hours, and hours of 'Eagle Cams'.  I might be alone, but, I find them addictive.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    Dallas clips. Watch more Dallas clips.
  • I mentioned this in the podcast thread I might as well add it here. Shut Up & Sit Down - In my opinion the best YouTube board game reviewers because they are both informative and entertaining. Watch their YouTube review of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. It not only makes you want to play the game but is funny.
  • Buzfeed (I KNOW, I know) unsolved: Supernatural. The banter between the hosts is hilarious, and the skeptic especially is dryly hilarious. Start with episode 3, as the first 2 had a different skeptic and kind of sucked, and they didn't realize yet what sorts of stories were best to focus on. 

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    So back in the day in Houston, this group called Cinema Bomar would curate a showing of choice 16mm short films at this venue Super Happy Fun Land.  They'd shoot it on a hanging sheet and you could buy beers and watch them.  I've been digging in their archives including a few shows I went to and copy/pasting the film titles into YouTube.  Some of them are hitting and it's pretty fun to watch some of these weird obscure old 16mm films again.  Here are the archives if you want to dig around:

    Here are some nice finds:


    1950's, 20 min

    Exciting new breakthroughs in Color Theory make any housewife into a savvy

    interior decorator!


    1970s, AT&T, Color, 25 min

    Wonderfully goofy telephone company psychedelic extravaganza purporting to

    teach small children how to properly use the telephone. Androgynous "Telly"

    takes children to Telezonia, where perky children's-theater types dressed as

    letters and numbers teach them how to dial through song and dance numbers

    building to a dramatic climax.

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    Rick Beato

    He's a musician/songwriter/producer who uploads really good tutorials and breaks down the theory of popular songs (mostly rock). He's also trained his young son to be a supergenius musician.
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    Postmodern Jukebox

    Can't believe I forgot about this amazing channel. Musicians cover modern songs, but in styles from the 1920s to 1960s.

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