Suspect MBP? Call CPS!

On the last episode, A.Ron and Jim discussed who to call if you suspect someone of Munchausen by proxy (now known as fictitious disorder imposed on another), and both dismissed calling CPS-BUT this is exactly the agency to call.  I’m an attorney that prosecutes child neglect and abuse cases and I work closely with CPS.  My county currently has two possible MBP cases (the legal term is “child medical abuse”).  CPS has fairly broad investigatory powers and will use them to determine if there is a basis for suspecting a parent is engaging in child medical abuse, at which point they will recommend to the attorneys whether or not to prosecute the parent(s).  If you ever suspect someone of neglecting or abusing a child, whether or not you think it can be easily proved-please call CPS.  You can make the report anonymously if you fear retribution from the subject of the report (or if you just don’t want them to know who made the call).


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