"Atypical" on Netflix

Anyone else watching this?  Season 2 just dropped.  I'm about halfway through and I forgot how much I love this show!  The comedy is almost entiretly rooted in the characters, which are all really great.  We get a lot more interaction between Sam and his co worker Zahid, which is always hilarious.  I've also never enjoyed Michael Rapaport as much as I do in this show.  Between this, American Vandal, and Bojack Horseman this is going to be a good month for Netflix.


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  • DeeDee Adelaide
    edited October 2018
    I finally got around to S2. I have no idea how realistic the portrayal of autism is, but I find this show so charming. I especially like the sister and her boyfriend. I could watch a whole show just about them. 

    Casey Wilson was great, too. She can be a bit OTT at times, but she was nicely low key here. 
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