The Deuce to end after season 3

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The article spins it like it's been renewed and cancelled in the same breath. But cancelling it is kind of an archaic way of looking at TV, where it's viewed as a never ending series that either gets renewed or cancelled each year. Just like The Leftovers, their plan was to have 3 seasons to finish their story. This is HBO, not some network/basic cable TV schlock that keeps on going until it loses viewers and gets cancelled.


  • Being cancelled is a “hot take” lead in ;) it gets da clicks. It would be like saying Mr Robot was cancelled, only it was after this next season, which was agreed to be the last and was the plant from the beginning. 
  • lol I don't know. I think just as many people would bother clicking on the story if it had "HBO's The Deuce renewed for 3rd and Final season"

    On the EW social media post, the headline said "HBO is renewing, then canceling, James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal's drama The Deuce." so the information was all there in the post headline. It was just dumb that they are characterizing it as being "cancelled" even if it's for clicks.
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