Commission Podcast for Zombeavers

BrownieBrownie New Haven, CT
Hello Fellow Bald Movers,

To date I have banked $75 in Subbable and was looking to pool my money together with someone else and hoping together we can agree on a fun movie for them to review.  I'm open to other more serious movies, but think something like Zombeavers would be funny.  




  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    I've never seen zombeavers. Is it on Netflix? I have subbable money banked as well... Let's see what the guys come up with as far as transferring our balance to the new platform! It sounds like a good idea though.

  • BrownieBrownie New Haven, CT
    Thanks Tara.  I had $75 banked on Subbable, then went through the steps to have my account transferred to Patreon and I didn't see the account balance transfer but have to imagine it's there.  Regardless, that got me motivated to try and use the money I have banked.  

    Unfortunately Zombeavers is not on Netflix yet.  I heard the director interviewed and he said it was starting with a small theatrical release and VOD (this is how I viewed it for $6.99) and then will be available in a few months on one or more of the streaming services (hopefully Netflix).  I'm totally open to any other movies though, but think this has potential.  The Zombie tie-in also made me think Jim would be somewhat open to the idea.  

    If anyone is curious, here's the trailer:  

    There are worse ways to spend 75 minutes.  
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    Looks interesting! :)
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