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I've wanted to be Sansa for Halloween for years and am a readhead right now but ... a) Floating this idea i'm kind of surprised at how many people don't watch Game of Thrones enough to know who Sansa is. b) We are hosting a haunted house and so I was thinking that Melisandre or Catelyn with her throat slit could be a spooky costume too.

If i was Catelyn would ANYONE know who I was? I was planning on wearing grey/blue/ or black with a fur shroud and grey cloak and making a felt sigil to go on my chest. What sigil would she be wearing?

Open to other ideas too! Not too obscure (nerdy) and no skankier than Mel. Anyone else have a good Game of Thrones costume idea?


  • She'd be wearing the Stark sigil for sure, since she was a Stark.  :wink:
    Cool costume idea - good luck!
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Well, I don't know if this is too spoilery or not but....(character who exists in books but clearly we never got in the show) but if you're not afraid, Google some images of Lady Stoneheart.

    But Sansa would be cool too if you want to go the less scary route. Especially if you're a redhead right now. You could also be Ygritte or Margaery Tyrell.
  • well, it's not an obscure show; i bet if you wore a t-shirt with a fish on it and drew a red sharpie line across your neck half the people you saw would still guess catelyn stark.

    any of the above would be good imo (catelyn, sansa, or melisandre) and not too obscure...  they all have pretty clear and memorable sigils you could use as a hint (trout, direwold, flame/rubies/red stuff).
  • Those who don’t watch, won’t get it. Those who do watch will. You’re after those that do watch or read the books. I do like the lady stoneheart idea, although only book readers would get that. That would also work into your hanuted house theme as well. 

    For Milisandre you could get a large red costume ruby and some red velvet type robes. Orrr you could do old Milisandre that we saw when she removed the ruby. 

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  • yea. agree with everyone else. go Stoneheart. it works on every level so you will get the GOT fans digging it and complimenting you and then just normal people will think its a cool dead/ghost/zombie thing. 
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