The Deuce - 204 - "What Big Ideas"

Director: Uta Briesewitz
Writers; Anya Epstein, George Pelecanos, & David Simon

I'm sure by the time I finish the post @A_Ron_Hubbard will have beat me to it. 

I think Simon and Pelecanos should write a version of everything. Give the a Star Wars and a Thrones spin-off. 

Love the Larry and CC stuff. As evil as pimps are, that these characters honed in on POV porn and the natural pimp game was a nice touch. 

I am a bit surprised that I never realized Abby didn't know Vince was mixed up with the "parlors." Obvious now, but it didn't seem to come up before. I really felt for Abby when she showed up at the club and "caught" Vince. The Inside the Episode says where her anger is, but it feels like it should still be at home. Esp after the Coney Island shit. 

Loved the scene with Dorothy and the girl's father. Heartbreaking. 

Please tell me there won't be a GILF scene of the wolf eating grandma. Also, if there could never be another Hollywood scene with a funeral in the rain, that'd be great. Mmkay?


  • Biggest surprise of this episode to me was that Hoyt Fortenberry was apparently sleeping with the ultra-talented Eileen now. I can totally see @A_Ron_Hubbard seething on Baby Vamp Jess' behalf.
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