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As far as frosting on top, Pop Tart brand Pop Tarts are made with or without frosting. I have definitely made the mistake of not paying attention at the store and coming home with unfrosted Pop Tarts, which is supremely disappointing when you discover it at 2am when you have the munchies. There is an organic brand (Nature's Path) that I buy sometimes, and they in fact are all frosted. The frosting on them is sweeter and there is a thicker layer of it than on the branded Pop Tarts. (Also, this may be sacrilege but I don't toast them at all, mainly because they taste great right out of the package and I prefer the roof of my mouth to be unscalded.)


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    I can attest to what Frakkin says... My kids are pop tart aficionados. We buy 2 boxes of pop tarts a week (the big boxes). My girls are currently on an ice cream sundae flavor kick. My son has always been a brown sugar cinnamon guy, and they are my favorite as well. I prefer to toast them; the kids eat them cold. I have grabbed unfrosted in error and had to go back to the grocery store to swap them out. They don't measure up.

    ... And by no means are pop tarts a healthy breakfast. But they're better than school on an empty stomach, and when paired with a glass of milk, some yogurt and grapes or a banana they aren't all bad.
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  • It's all about untoasted. You have my full support on that.
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    Here, here. I'm a smores man myself, and I'm about 50/50 on toasting them. I couldn't even handle opening a box and finding them unfrosted. Did that with shredded wheat once. Could not choke them down.
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    I believe, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that Pop Tarts were banned in the UK for a short while.  This was because too many fat kids were burning the roofs of their mouths and it was a safety hazard.

    And as far as frosted v. unfrosted... I personally dislike Pop Tarts, but my wife used to eat them unfrosted and put butter on them when they were hot out of the toaster. 
  • I'm all about cold and frosted personally, but your wife's method would be a great way to make lemonade from an unfrosted pop tart.

    I'm not sure about the banned in the UK thing, but I kind of hope it's true. That's pretty awesome.

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    13 Things You Never Knew About Pop-Tarts

    Frosted strawberry or blueberry are were my faves. They kinda make me queasy when I eat them now.
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    it's probably a good thing that the store doesn't carry the strawberry milkshake pop tarts. goddamn dangerous.
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