The real Jimmy

Maybe just maybe Jimmy was sincere last episode or he thought he was, that's why he was so floored by losing. When he crushes Esposito's hopes he cries, I think, because his own hopes for fairness have died as well. This is full Saul Goodman/Slipping Jimmy that is why Kim is so floored. Not only by the fact she was fooled by is portrayal, but also because the Jimmy that hopes to be treated fairly is gone. Slipping Jimmy is all that is left.


  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Agreed. The fact that he couldn't even wait to get out of the building before he bragged (very loudly I might add) about sticking it those assholes on the board was very telling.
  • Same thing he did to the copier sales people who took a chance on him despite the red flag on his resume. Which he told the shoplifter Esposito doesn’t happen. 
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