Lalo's Face Cuts - Accident? Or Storytelling?

edited October 2018 in Better Cast Saul
So on the season 4 finale, I noticed that Lalo seems to have pretty bad razor-burn and mild cuts on the side of his face.  Perhaps others noticed it too, but if not, it was in the scene where he was spying on the chicken farm.  My initial thought was that this was an unfortunate day for the actor to do a bad job shaving.  However, it's occurred to me that perhaps this was not an accident, and is meant to show a longer time jump (perhaps many hours or a few days) while Lalo has been observing the farm.  The fact that he has a tripod and binoculars suggest he does this type of stealth work from time to time. One would probably need to do basic physical upkeep, so he may keep a disposable razor with his spy gear.  But without the best conditions, it would be easy to make shaving errors like the ones we see.
Is this subtle storytelling?  Or perhaps it' was just a bad shaving day.
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